Tigers Eye – gemstone gift for business and vision, clarity and belief

Tigers Eye jewellery gift for vision, attentiveness and . . belief: Ideal good luck gift for business

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Tigers Eye jewellery makes an ideal good luck present for lots of people . . for him . . for her, a man / guy or woman / lady – whether that person is a friend, relative or loved-one, is your mum or your dad, your husband or your wife, your daughter or son, girlfriend or boyfriend – or simply a good friend or work mate. Why?

TigerEye (or Tiger’s Eye) is believed, as the name suggests, to promote clear-eyed vision and attentiveness. Because of this, wearers of this gemstone are said to be more attuned with their surroundings and act more appropriately for a particular event. Many people wear this stone to bring them good luck, to strengthen convictions, and to acquire courage and confidence (for example, in an Interview, a Meeting or on 1st Days). It makes the ideal gift to wish someone success in a new business venture.

Often associated with the correct use of power, courage and grace, and with the ability to see clearly and without illusion, Tigers Eye is believed to help people see themselves and the world around them more perceptively. So Tiger’s Eye makes an ideal present for those needing luck in business and attending a lot of meetings.

Roman soldiers wore Tigers Eye for protection in battle because the stone was thought to be all-seeing.


In addition, Tigers Eye has traditionally been used as a gift between lovers to help them tune in to each other in a psychic or telepathic way. But also, if someone needs to make a change in their life, this is said to be the stone to bring them the belief and good luck to achieve it. It is thought to promote balance and strength during life’s difficult times – relieving doubt and bestowing decision-making with vision and clarity. It is thought to help people to be more practical. So, an ideal gift for those seeking a New Start in life.

It also makes a great present for those who are currently a bit distracted, possibly a bit down and procrastinating, with their minds in emotional turmoil: Perfect for people in transitional states, feeing anxious, or fearful about something, unfocused and confused.

Help your friend or loved-one become more like the tiger: patient, focused, determined, alert, and strong – and help them believe they can create harmony out of chaos.


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