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Inspirational gifts encourage and uplift people, reminding them of their purpose

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An inspirational gift has special meaning to the person receiving it and it can stimulate intense feelings or emotions, and memories of relationships or places visited or dreamed of. These inspirational gifts can say Thinking of you, Thanks, Get well, Good luck, Happy birthday, or even Sorry to a parent or other relative: a godfather or godmother, grandad or grandma, uncle or aunt, nephew or niece – or simply a friend or work colleague – or even your best friend.

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Gift your friends and loved-ones motivation and encouragement, and help them make life-changing decisions so they can live their dream.

A small Guardian Angel token doesn’t cost much but is an inspirational object for many people – especially when sent by a friend as a gift
El sol

An inspirational gift – especially inspirational jewellery, is meant to encourage success, and to motivate courage and determination – as well as to offer a means of passing on your heart-felt sentiments. 

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Inspiration is required at different points in our lives. It is especially welcome after a life-changing event (or even a tragedy). These are the moments when a message supplies that much-needed hope and enthusiasm to carry on and to continue to pursue goals. 

Lift a friend’s spirits and renew their hope during difficult days with one of our inspirational gifts . . Tell them: ‘YES YOU CAN!’

For example, giving an inspirational gift as a retirement present is the perfect way to make someone feel they are still really special. No matter what you gift them, the fact that you have thought about them at all, is often a gift in itself.

Camino mug
This mug from Santiago de Compostela in north Spain is an object of inspiration for many who have walked the Camino Way of St James
Heart pendant glass blue

Our inspirational gifts have REAL significance: That is, they have some true and actual symbolic meaning that is relevant to the person who owns it or who is wearing or carrying it. This is particularly true of our inspirational jewellery: More often than not, jewellery like this contains a symbol of something well-know, or internationally recognised over many centuries, or something that somebody might want, or actually need. (This can be the case with faith-based symbols gifted to religious-minded friends or loved-ones at difficult times in their lives.)

Inspirational jewellery gifts

There are several examples of this:
– Inspirational jewellery that supports a faith or belief (especially for people who turn to their faith or belief as a source of solace and protection)
– Inspirational jewellery that promises (or, at least, offers the promise of) some sort of wellbeing (or even, good health) – as is often seen in the professed properties of ancient gemstones, or the protective properties of an ancient talisman (or even a Guardian Angel)
And finally:
– Inspirational jewellery that offers (and even secures) friendship or love
Millions of people around the world believe in something. And millions of people affirm this in a piece of jewellery that they wear. Here are some examples:
– For jewellery that has a religious significance, we can look to Christian crosses like those of of St. James, or of Caravaca, or of the traveller’s protector, St. Christopher. Or, we can look at jewellery containing small vials of water from the Holy shrine at Lourdes, for example. Or, from a more eastern perspective, the Hamsa Hand of Fatima – a sign of compassion and protection, supposedly providing defence against the ‘evil eye’ and strengthening the vulnerable or weak.

– For jewellery that has a relevance deep-rooted in the past, and in the traditions and way of life of an area or region of the world, we can observe the Yin Yang symbol of ancient China meaning ‘shadow and light’, which is used to describe how opposites or seemingly contrary forces are inter-connected and inter-dependent . . representing the concept of harmony and friendship – two aspects in a single reality: Or, we could study the world of Shamballa – a symbol of ancient Buddhism which, for lots of people, has strong spiritual meaning, and it is thought to impart a special feeling of peace, happiness and calm. In Europe, we have the prehistoric symbol of the Indalo found particularly in southern Spain which offers good luck, prosperity and protection. And also in this region of the world, we see the Concha de Vieira shell of the Camino de Santiago – the Way of St James, a famous pilgrimage through southern France and across northern Spain walked by many to find inspiration – and thought to improve one’s outlook on life, bringing people into closer contact with nature and expanding their cultural horizons through contact with other pilgrims.
– For jewellery that promises friendship (or even love), we can look at a myriad of pieces but, in the end, only one stands out above all others . . the Heart – which can be an extremely powerful symbol when coupled with other symbols (or inscriptions, such as word charms, saying such things as “Thinking of you”)

Pass on your blessings for good health, good fortune, prosperity, love and success. Be a source of inspiration – inspire people with the kindness of an inspirational gift . .

. . a gift that can be truly appreciated – a gift with meaning, a gift to inspire 

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