Lucky four leafed clovers make perfect gifts

Four-leafed clovers are a symbol of good luck 

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Many plants are considered lucky (or to have some sort of ‘magical’ powers). Particularly in the far East, where herbal medicine has such a strong presence in daily life, plants are revered for their latent properties and healing powers. For example orchids, jasmine, honeysuckle, basil, aloe vera and bamboo. But in the western world, it is clover (and particularly the four-leafed clover) that is considered lucky. Lavender is said to raise your spirits, roses to attract love, and sage to protect your health and so promote a long and healthy life. Even lemons are thought to bring you friends!

Aloe vera magical plant
Lemons in Spain
Colourful Spanish plants

But it is the clover that is most recognised as a good luck symbol in the West – possibly because of its religious connection – and 4 leaf clovers are universally accepted as symbols of good luck.

Clover jewellery for luck
Clover jewellery for luck – this one on a silver necklace, makes a great gift
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Clover shamrock watch
Clover shamrocks on this watch – a gift with meaning

Clover jewellery makes a suitable gift for someone for any special event that could do with a bit of exta luck – like an exam for example or a new job or a relocation, and for all your loved-ones: man or woman, boy or girl – whether that person is your girlfriend or boyfriend, mother or father, brother or sister or simply a good friend.

According to legend, the four leaves of the clover represent hope, faith, love, and luck

In Irish Christian tradition, the Shamrock or 3-leaf clover represents the Holy Trinity: one leaf for the Father, one for the Son and one for the Holy Spirit. When a Shamrock has a fourth leaf, it represents God’s Grace, and so encapsulates everything that a person could want. Christian legend has it that Eve carried four-leaf clovers from the Garden of Eden.

But it is widely believed that the meaning of four-leafed clovers pre-dates Christianity, going back to a time when four-leaved clovers were Celtic charms. The Celts once extended across Ireland and into much of Western Europe and the Celtic priests, the Druids, considered them a sign of good luck, allegedly protecting against evil spirits and warding off evil / bad luck. Children in the Middle Ages believed that they could see fairies if they carried a 4-leaf clover. The mystique of the four leaf clover continues today and it is considered an ideal gift to wish good luck for a special occasion or event.

Lucky 4 leaf clover cufflinks
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Gifts of Lucky 4-Leaf Clovers are well-known to boost people’s confidence for an Exam, a New Job or on someone’s First Day at work, school, university, etc.

Lucky clover for Inspiration
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