Lucky gems and gemstones as good luck gifts

Luck is believing, said Tennessee Williams, and many people believe in the luck-giving properties of precious and semi-precious gems and gemstones

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So how does a lucky gem or lucky gemstone gift inspire and bring good luck to someone during their special occasion or event and help them to avoid bad luck . . . . ?

Boosting confidence and self-belief

For many years, people have believed that certain gemstones have magical powers. For example, Jade is supposed to promote longevity; Rose Quartz is thought to attract love, and Carnelian is said to bring courage. Moonstone, Citrine, Agate, Quartz, Aventurine, Sodalite, Aquamarine, Tiger’s Eye, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearls, Coral and Red Jasper are all supposed to bring good fortune to certain events.

Lucky gems bracelet
Lucky gems bracelet with amethyst and wisdom token
Garnet lucky gem shell
Garnet lucky gem seen here in a bracelet from the Way of St James showing concha shell
Lucky gemstone with ladybird
Lucky gemstone aventurine with famous good luck symbol ladybird

In addition, gem stones have always been very popular on necklaces and pendants because of their look and their significance.

Over thousands of years, dating back to Cleopatra and beyond, gemstones have been worn for their supposed magical powers, and as good luck jewels . . especially for those special occasions when people wanted inspiration and to attract good fortune, or some sort of magical power. For centuries, people have believed that a particular gem stone will help protect them, bring them prosperity and good fortune, as well as fertility, longevity . . even love, and to help them to succeed. It has been scientifically proved that this belief brings people better luck in their lives – and helps them avoid bad luck.

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Earrings made from Amethyst – said to have mystical powers
Rose Quartz is reputed to attract love

These are some of the most well known ‘ Lucky Gemstones ‘ offering gifts for their own particular / special event that sometimes needs that extra bit of luck or inspiration: 

AmethystAquamarineAventurineBlack Agate *   CarnelianCitrineCoral GarnetIndian AgateJadeMoonstonePearlRed JasperRose QuartzSmokey QuartzTigers EyeSodalite  

Each of these is renowned for igniting belief and bringing inspiration and good luck to certain events or occasions . . with real gemstone birthstones related to birth date, star sign and the zodiac symbols used in astrology and numerology.

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