Meaningful gifts with meaning

A meaningful gift is a gift with meaning for life

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Things change . . Time moves on. Friends come and go; days come and go: Like the years – and our lives – things move on.

But the important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend – a meaningful day, a meaningful life and, dare we say, a meaningful gift – something that you will remember, and that will be remembered.

meaning Camino
Spain’s Camino means a lot to a lot of people – of all religions . . because there aren’t any adventures like this one
meaningful bracelet
A truly meaningful bracelet to many people
Gardens with symbolic meaning
Gifts can have symbolic meaning – as can places 🙂 and you remember them
Christian significance
This statue is in the gardens of La Catedral de los Reyes Catolicos in Córdoba. It has Christian significance – although Córdoba is a multi-cultural city

So, a gift with meaning is worth so much more. It has significance, it has purpose, it has value . . a meaningful gift really can change people’s lives and is suitable for lots of events like father’s day or mother’s day for example, valentines, someone retiring, or going away to university . . for him or for her – for a man or woman – a friend, relative or loved-one; a mum or dad, husband or wife, daughter or son – or simply a good friend.

This Tau cross jewellery pendant would make a lovely gift with meaning
This Mother necklace is a truly meaningful gift – a silver disc inscribed with adjectives to describe Mothers – wise, strong, kind, understanding, beautiful, warm, sweet, devoted – accompanied by a birthstone crystal heart

For many, happiness is within and it comes when you believe that you have done something truly meaningful. For this reason, sending a friend or loved-one a meaningful gift is reason enough to select a gift with true significance to the person receiving it. Meaningful gifts can say Thinking of you, Thanks, Get well, Good luck, Happy birthday, or even Sorry to a parent or other relative like a godfather or godmother, grandad or grandma, uncle or aunt, nephew or niece – or simply to a work colleague or your own best friend.

We are all addicts of the modern world: Technology, smartphones, television, High Street fashion, social networks, food, drink and chocolate – and gifts are often sourced in these popular areas.

But why not look for something a bit different? A present with true significance – a really meaningful gift that your friend or loved-one will remember and cherish forever i.e. a gift that has symbolic meaning that actually signifies something to the person who is receiving it. In our SHOP you can find a multitude of gifts that have meaning . . meaning for everyone in every job and walk of life whatever their profession – teacher, engineer, judge, journalist, etc, whatever their job: a gardener, a doctor, a musician, a student, and so on, or simply a supervisor at work, for example.

In reality, this means giving a gift that contains a symbol or an indication of something that these people not only want, but need too . . a gift that supports a faith or belief, a gift that promises some sort of wellbeing (e.g. good health), or a gift that offers friendship or love – as often seen, for example with charm jewellery . . a charm bracelet, a charm necklace and so on.

Butterfly jewellery for change
This butterfly necklace would make a meaningful present to celebrate a friend’s new beginning – a change for the better perhaps
El juicio de Paris
Faith and meaning go together. This Tarta de Apóstal (apostal cake) bears the symbol of St James from Santiago, meaning faith in St James along the Camino in Spain
Field of Stars camino jewellery
Camino jewellery makes for a meaningful gift
Indalo plate 3
The Indalo symbol on this plate turns this otherwise ordinary present of a piece of Spanish ceramic pottery into a gift with meaning
Wish box jewellery for faith

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The meaning of our jewellery

Most people choose jewellery for its decorative effect, to enhance what they are wearing. However, that doesn’t mean that jewellery has no meaning. Quite the contrary: Jewellery attracts people in a way that can’t be fully explained. Jewellery and the wearing of a particular piece of jewellery can show who we are, or at least, who we want to be – it makes a personal statement. Every piece of jewellery is worn as a personal choice: It concerns taste, character, beauty, identity, and, in our case, meaning. It can be an embellishment, or a representation of an idea, or an inner feeling. A jewellery piece can be a means of communication or, as is often the case, a lucky charm. In reality, jewellery is about manifesting our inner selves through something we find beautiful . . and meaningful, and all OUR jewellery has some sort of significance.

Gifts with real meaning . . that’ll be us! Yes, our jewellery really does mean something!   

Blessing ring of love
A small but meaningful gift – a love blessing ring token that says Always in my Heart
Heart pendant blue glass
Heart pendant necklace – meaningful jewellery and a meaningful Valentines gift
Ladybird earrings
Ladybird earrings would make a meaningful present for your Mum or a girlfriend for Christmas for example

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