Gifts to say Good Luck in the New Job, a New Start, New Year, or the Future

Good luck gifts to wish luck for a new start, a new beginning, or at New Year – or in a new job

Find a good luck Gift for a New Job or a New Start in our online store – and perhaps help someone get better luck in the future.

In 13th Century England, hansels were sometimes given as good luck charms when someone started something new like a new job or at a new beginning like a New Year. It was recognised that this new start in someone’s life often needed some special help – and a good luck gift for a new job / new beginning was thought ideal.

Do you know someone who could benefit from some extra confidence or special luck for their new job, for the future (as in a new beginning), or for their new start in life?

A good luck gift is an ideal present for a first day at work, or 1st Day in a New Job (or when starting life afresh . . like after a divorce or separation) to pass on your blessings and wish a friend or loved-one success/happiness. 

new start
Dreaming of a new start in life – or a new beginning in something like a relationship
Camino new year resolution
Make a New Year resolution – like “This year, I’m going to walk the Camino”
new beginning new life
Some people dream of making a new beginning – a new life. Sometimes, with a gift of faith, you can help this happen for someone you care about

Our IndaloMart website has more information about  Butterfly jewellery  and charm necklaces which are often used as gifts of symbolism for people embarking on a new life after a period of change – making ideal good luck gifts for a new home, for example, or a good luck gift in the New year. Butterflies can also be symbolic of faith in times such as these – allowing the wind to carry us forward to our new goals and dreams.

Symbolically, we are asked to accept the changes in our lives . . just as the Butterfly does when it transforms itself from a lowly caterpillar. Butterfly charm jewellery therefore makes the perfect gift for a friend’s new start in life . . their new beginning, or even at New Year when new Year’s resolutions are made. This can be particularly true with teenagers moving into adulthood.

Our Indalo Mart sister site also has details about jewellery made of Jet / Azabache – the magical stone of the Camino de Santiago, believed to offer safekeeping and good fortune. Indeed, Azabache / Jet jewellery is said to neutralise negative energy and protect people from fear, indecision and maledictions (a belief that dates back thousands of years), which has made it a popular piece of jewellery for people seeking a new start in life or a new beginning – for example, after a divorce or relational break-up, or after a loss of some kind – or even as a good luck gift for a new business or venture.

Another symbol of ‘reincarnation’ – as we move on into a ‘ new life ‘ is the Tau Cross  (also available in our shop with Jet / Azabache inlays): This can be gifted to someone during a period of contemplation or self-examination – as a means of encouraging them to have patience and acceptance, as they await their new start, their new beginning. The Cross of Tau is sometimes called the St. Anthony’s Cross or the Saint Francis Cross, and makes a good gift for any friend or loved-one who is at such a point of change in their lives – encouraging them to accept the things of the past as gone – but also encouraging them to be ready to move on to a new life – to start a new adventure: A nice option for a New Years gift.

New life ponies
Start of a new life for these ponies!
New buds
These new buds signify a new year for this cactus
Shell symbolises new journey
A new year – a new resolution: To start a new journey perhaps, as symbolised by this shell of the Camino
Butterfly flying away

Let your friends or loved-ones know that you are thinking of them and wish them good luck in their new adventure by sending them a special good luck present and passing on your good luck message for the future. Help them achieve their aims of success and give them the confidence to attain their goals. Help calm their nerves so they feel more confident in their new beginning.

Please also consider some of our special gemstones jewellery gifts that are encouraging and inspirational for a New Start in life, a New Year, a New Job . . or indeed, a New Life.

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