Valentine’s gifts jewellery that’s inspirational

Valentine’s gifts jewellery to inspire your loved one

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Presents (especially jewellery) to send your love on Valentines Day

It is in Dublin, Ireland, that you will find the resting place of Saint Valentine, the patron saint of love, and the so-called inspiration behind all things to do with romance . . in the Carmelite Church on Whitefriar Street.

St Valentine is celebrated on February 14th in many countries of the world – the day of Romance. On this day, gifts of love are exchanged – many unsigned, so the recipient if left wondering: “Who loves me enough to send me this card or this beautiful piece of jewellery?” (for example)

Butterfly heart necklace
Butterfly heart necklace – ideal gift for Valentine’s Day.
Hibiscus femininity and affection
Hibiscus – the flower of femininity and affection on Valentines.
Indalos hearts Valentine
Indalo hearts jewellery gift for Valentine’s Day – with good fortune too.

Do you know someone special who would appreciate a small jewellery gift this Valentine’s Day?

However, bear in mind that Valentines Day is not always celebrated on 14th February:

Chinese Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month in the Chinese calendar. This is the day the 7th daughter of the Emperor of Heaven was separated from her orphaned lover. The daughter was forced to move to a star named Vega and the cowherd moved to the star named Altair. They are only allowed to meet once a year on the 7th day of 7th lunar month. So, on Chinese Valentine’s Day, lovers go to the temple of Matchmaker and pray for their love and happiness and their possible marriage.

Another superstition associated with the world of love involves the dove: Doves have been considered magical birds for many years and were often used to divine the future. If you saw a white dove fly overhead it was supposed to be a good omen. If you dreamt of a dove it was a sign that you had a promise of happiness. And, if you saw the first dove of spring-time, and made a wish, that wish would come true (much like wishing on a falling star). So, Valentine’s gifts can be varied and diverse – but will they help you inspire the one you want?

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