Good luck gifts / presents for a competition, race, game, match

Wish someone good luck in a competition, race or match / game with a special good luck gift

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In contests between individuals and groups for a title or a prize, deep rivalries can arise – whether over the pursuit of prestige and fame, or for money. Business is often associated with competition as most companies are in competition with at least one other firm for the same group of customers. But, in general, it is in sports and competitive games and races that the main areas of competition occur between athletes, teams, runners and other contestants – and a good luck gift can mean a lot.

Luck in business competition
Good luck in business can be an important factor – something well-understood by the Chinese . . and by the Spanish in Almería where this truck was pictured with its lucky Indalos
Not all the same
We are not all the same and in a competition for a job or in a race or in a sports match, as in business, a little bit of luck can come in handy and a good luck gift can mean so much
Competition in nature
In nature things are tough – and the fittest survive. But even here, luck can play its role

In any competitive event like a marathon or triathlon, for example, your friends and loved-ones can do with all the luck they can get, so why not send them one of our inspirational good luck gifts to wish them Good Luck in a race, game, match or other important event. Many sportsmen and women (especially team players) wear lucky talismans, amulets, socks, etc. Why not get one for your friend or loved-one and let it encourage them and help to bring them success and good fortune in their competition or on the day of their important race, game or match.  

Big tile with Indalo
Indalo tile gift to wish luck in a competition
Shell anklet
Anklet with lucky shells from the Camino de Santiago
Butterfly wall
Butterflies symbolise change and can be gifted to wish success in a competition that could change someone’s life
Indalo brown bracelet
Gift for a man or woman to wish success in a competition – Spain’s lucky Indalo

SEE our central shop for gifts to wish luck in a competition , game or match