Religious Fathers Day gifts with meaning for Dad / Father / Grandad

Meaningful Father’s Day gifts like religious jewellery to inspire your Dad / Father / Grandad 

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Inspire your Dad this Father’s Day with something a bit different –  a gift with meaning that can be religious or Christian, and pass on your own personal Father’s Day blessing. In this way, perhaps you could encourage your father to achieve some of his dreams with one of our wonderful Father’s Day gifts of inspiration.

And don’t forget your grandfather: Religious Father’s gifts for Dad / Daddy are of course also suitable for Grandad – but they don’t have to be religious . . but lucky nonetheless:

Yes, there’s more to Fathers Day gifts than wallets, chocolate, aftershave or gadgets. Our gifts have more of a personal meaning, and many of them (although not all the gifts in our shop) have a religious or Christian significance – especially those gifts from Spain. This is because Father’s Day is quite special in Spain as it is based on St Joseph – the father of Jesus. These are predominantly Christian in nature (like the St. James Cross from the Camino de Santiago . . or the famous scallop shell), the Caravaca Cross, and the St Christopher; but we also stock Indalos, Hamsas (Hands of Fatima), Yin-Yang jewellery, Shamballas, and so on.  Others simply enjoy a day out or a simple gift of nature:

This little golf course in Almería is a popular day of leisure for people on Father’s Day in Spain, and sometimes a simple gift (like these oranges that grow in abundance in southern Spain) is sufficient . . or a trip to La Corrida.

Natural leather Indalo
Man’s leather bracelet featuring lucky Indalo for Fathers Day gift
Paella pinny
Fun pinny gift for Father’s Day – with paella recipe
Tealight holder
Tealight holder with Indalo – Spanish ceramic gift from Spain for Father’s Day

Nor do Fathers Day presents need to cost very much either: For example, our Inspirational Tokens such as ‘Love blessing ring‘ or ‘Thinking of you‘ token can say so much more and cost only a few euros.

And we also have Father’s Day presents that are not just religious or Christian in nature: For example: wine stoppers, dog tags, cufflinks . . or a simple bracelet. You can add a personalised message too, which we would print on a gift card.

Find the perfect present – a really unique gift with meaning for Father’s Day right here and make your Dad feel really special and grateful that you have taken the time to select something meaningful and different.

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