Avoid bad luck

How do you avoid bad luck and ill health?    

How is it that some people always seem to be ‘lucky’?    

How is that some people always seem to avoid bad luck? 

More often than not it is because they BELIEVE that they are lucky or that they are going, for example, to have a ‘good day’       

Any sports psychologist will tell you that, at the top levels of any game, it is the mental edge . . the BELIEF in winning, that makes the difference between a champion and an ‘also-ran’.

Our good luck gifts are based on ancient faiths, talismans, and symbols that have helped people for many years. People have put their faith in these beliefs for centuries. Our gifts help people to have this belief.

Vitruvian Man was lucky for da Vinci
Luck of Perceval in his beloved Alcazaba
Spanish artist Jesús de Perceval based his artistic group Los Indalianos on the lucky symbol of Almería – the Indalo.
Rainbow Man petroglyph-lucky in Hawaii

As Henry Ford said: “If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t . . you’re right!”

One of the reasons we are so confident is that it has been proved that belief in a lucky charm and in the concept of good luck really does help people avoid bad luck: For example:

– This University of Cologne report published in the American Journal of Psychological Science. 

– Or these University findings in 2004, when researchers from the Universities of Edinburgh, in Scotland, and Hertfordshire, in England (including the well-renowned psychologist, Professor Richard Wiseman) conducted experiments relating to good fortune. They concluded that lucky charms mattered .

Indalo bracelet blue
Heart necklace glass clear

And now, with the latest study by the University of Cologne (see this Dail Mail article), this has been shown to be true. It is BELIEF (in good luck charm – or a symbol of faith like a Christian fish or cross) that makes people have more luck – and avoid misfortune.

A while back, Professor Wiseman (University of Hertfordshire in the UK, and author of the research article “Why lucky charms matter”) said that those who think they are UNLCKY should change their outlook and discover how to generate good fortune for themselves. (See this report on the BBC ). After all, fear of bad luck is the basis of many superstitions which are so powerfully accepted around the world. “Touching wood” or “Crossing your fingers” to avoid bad luck are almost universal. Avoiding the number 13 is SO important to SO MANY people that it is often absent from the seat number on a plane – or even the whole floor of a hotel.

Our lucky charms (like Spain’s Indalo symbol for example, a Hamsa charm, or Christian symbols like the Scallop Shell of St James or the Latin Cross) are well-known and recognised as powerful amulets to avoid bad luck . . which is why so many people have used them for so long . . they believe they will work.

Many people put their faith (or belief) in God (or a God) – and religions around the world use their own symbols to help ward off evil spirits and bad luck, and to help attract better fortune. Naturally, we also stock some products with symbols (such as the Christian cross) that are based on religious beliefs – for the millions of people around the world that put their faith in God.

Help friends avoid bad luck today with one of our recognised good luck charms or symbols like:

Faith Jewellery

Gifts to wish Good Health and Wellness

Cross glass
El sol
Camino jet ring
Ring from The Way of St James – El Camino de Santiago

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