Gifts with soul

Memories are stirred in the soul – and we stir them . . with our Gifts with Soul

If our website is about anything – it is about soul. OK, so we have gifts for good luck, gifts for inspiration . . gifts with meaning. But the overriding requirement for any of the gifts to go in our shop is that they have SOUL – they make you feel something. So gift your loved-ones something with real meaning – something with spirit, a gift with soul.

Apart from all the  JEWELLERY in our shop . . you can also find many GIFTS WITH SOUL in our HOUSEHOLD ITEMS too.

Ceramic gifts with soul
These ceramic oil pourers would make a lovely gift with soul
Gift with soul - Indalo
Heal the soul with a lucky Indalo gift
Gifts with soul - giftwrap
All our gifts are filled with soul – even the memorable giftwrapping
Gifts with soul - Almeria
Some things have inspiration and just speak the language of the soul

Many places make you feel something deep inside too, and speak to you in a sort of soul language. Well, many of our gifts are sourced from such places, where people have employed symbols, talismans and lucky charms for years. These are places that speak to you – to your inner self, they feed your soul. Places like Assisi in Italy, Andalucía in Spain, Lourdes in France, and the hills of Tibet. Many of the things from these areas such as jewellery and ceramics have actually meant something concrete to the local people for centuries and they can make lovely gifts that nurture the soul.

Places can make u feel something
Some places just make you feel something – they can have a soul of their own
Some place have soul
Even on bleak days, some places have soul
Some places have a feeling

The soul of mankind is larger than the sky: It has spirit; it has reason; it has intellect. It is a vital force . . . it is life. Memories are stirred in the soul – and we aim to stir them.

So why are some things so simple but so beautiful? More often than not it is because they have soul. The soul is as white as heaven: It is the seat of human feelings and emotions. It is the vital core – and it has great energy. Our gifts have deep significance: They are gifts with meaning – but they are also gifts with SOUL.

May all you dreams come true with one of our Gifts with Soul

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