Good luck presents for new home or housewarming party

Housewarming gift ideas for good luck in the new home after a relocation or just moving house

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Help your friends and loved-ones avoid bad luck moving house with one of our good luck gifts for a new home. Research has shown that moving house is one of life’s most stressful events, along with divorce and bereavement. Not only is there the initial stress of viewing houses and having to show strangers around your own home, but there is also the inevitable tension building-up to the actual day of the house move itself.

Lucky house
Make a friend’s new house lucky after moving house by filling it with lucky objects and housewarming gifts
Home castle
A new home is someone’s castle, so get good luck in a new home by asking friends to bring housewarming gifts for good fortune
New home
Give a housewarming gift for a new home that is both appropriate AND lucky

What better then, than giving a housewarming gift of good luck to a friend or loved-one who is moving to a new home or for the housewarming party? You can wish them Good Luck with their Relocation / House Move and/or Good Luck in their New Home. The very fact that they realise someone is thinking about them, helps to lower their anxiety and hopefully turn the whole ‘ moving home ‘ experience into the start of a blissful new life . . not a nightmare!     

Do you know someone who would like a special housewarming gift for luck which passes on your good luck wishes or encouragement when moving to their new house? We have lots of housewarming gift ideas, and the majority are a bit more unusual and unique than you will find elsewhere. We have a base in Spain (although our business that is international), and so our housewarming gifts have a distinct ‘Spanish’ feel – and some are of a distinctly Christian or religious nature.

Mediterranean soap
Natural handmade Mediterranean soap on a local ceramic dish
Butterfly wall
Butterfly fridge magnet or wall mount for the new home
Paella pinny
Fun pinny for the kitchen . . from Spain
St James cross letter opener
Letter opener in the shape of a St James cross – for a buen Camino

Yes, we are Good-Luck-Gifts and so our housewarming presents are perfect to wish good luck in a new home. Send your good luck wishes to friends and family for their house move with one of our unique gifts for the occasion, and help them have a successful relocation.  

Indalo picture frame
Picture frame – with the lucky Indalo symbol of southern Spain
Deep blue sea
Where are your friends are going?
leather Indalo bracelet
. . a ‘moving-house’ gift doesn’t always have to be something just for the home
Silver scallop box
A little keepsake for good fortune

Also: Is this also a New Start for a friend or relative? Why not take a look at some of our jewellery too, that could be suitable on an individual level as a personal gift for someone moving house. For example:

Aventurine – for good luck and goal achievement and for luck during a New Start in life – like Moving House

Also, our sister site IndaloMart has information about Butterfly charm necklaces / jewellery which are often used as gifts of symbolism for people embarking on a new life after a period of change. Butterflies can be symbolic of faith in times such as these – allowing the wind to carry us forward to our new goals and dreams. Symbolically, we are asked to accept the changes in our lives . . just as the Butterfly does when it transforms itself from a lowly caterpillar. Butterfly charm jewellery therefore makes the perfect gift for a friend’s new start in life . . their new beginning. This can sometimes be true for people moving house to a new home. We have other jewellery that could be appropriate for someone Moving House too:

Also, Butterfly jewellery (opens our sister site IndaloMart in a new window) has symbolism and meaning for someone stating out on something new (like moving house, for example).

Another symbol of ‘reincarnation’ – as we move on into a ‘ new life ‘ is the Tau Cross of St Francis of Assisi: This is often gifted to someone during a period of contemplation – as a means of encouraging friends to have patience, as they make their new start in life, their new beginning. The Cross of Tau is sometimes called the St. Anthony’s Cross or the Saint Francis Cross of Assisi, and makes a good gift for any friend or loved-one who is at such a point of change in their lives – encouraging them to accept the things of the past – but also encouraging them to be ready to move on to a new life – to start a new adventure. More information here: (opens our sister site Indalo Mart in a new window): Tau Cross jewellery – it’s meaning and suitability as a gift for a new beginning / a new start / moving house.

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