Aventurine for good luck and goal achievement

Aventurine – the gambler’s stone, because it is believed to bring the wearer increased luck

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Aventurine makes a great good luck gift and is often referred to as the Gamblers’ Stone because of its supposed luck-giving properties. But it is also said to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and calm emotions, supposedly calming a troubled mind and bringing about inner peace. For this reason it is used by therapists to relieve anxiety, stress and depression, and to help people with migraines and high blood pressure. Aventurine jewellery gifts are suitable for someone for any occasion – like an exam for example or a new job or a relocation, and for all your loved-ones: men or women, boys or girls – whether that person is your girlfriend or boyfriend, fiancé, mother or father, brother or sister.

Aventurine is also associated with sleep, said to offer relaxation and rest – so good for insomniacs too. All in all, Aventurine is thought of as a potent gemstone for relieving emotional discomfort, and good for those in stressful situations (for example, in a job).


 As Aventurine makes the ideal gift for those needing good luck – especially in stressful situations such as visits to the Hospital, or in their New Job or for a New Start in life – offering encouragement and engendering faith:

Aventurine is also said to reinforce peoples’ decision-making abilities, making them emotionally independent and amplifying the leadership qualities (for example of a boss). In some parts of the world, Aventurine is referred to as the Healer of the Heart and the Soul . . enhancing creativity and developing confidence . .the ideal gift for those going for a job Interview or an important meeting. Aventurine is also said to be a wonderful motivation and action stone, especially bringing luck to entrepreneurs – an ideal gift for your boss for example. If a dream is worth pursuing – like a new job or a new start in life, Aventurine is the stone to help. 

Aventurine can be associated with the birthstone sign of Taurus and the month of May. It is the Anniversary gemstone for the 8th year of the marriage – so an ideal anniversary gift.


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