Red Jasper for special events needing protection like a Journey, 1st Day at School and Interviews

Red Jasper: The guardian gem stone for protection – especially when travelling

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Red jasper has been used as a so-called stone of protection for thousands of years. The gem was a favourite in the ancient world, and and can be traced back to Greek, Hebrew, Persian, Latin, and Assyrian literature. Jasper is said to protect against evil spirits and forces, and is also believed to bring courage and relief from pain. It supposedly gives you the courage to speak out and the bravery to achieve personal independence. It also is said to promote physical stamina and to send negative energy back to the sender, the way a mirror reflects light.

A gift of red jasper jewellery like a bracelet or necklace, can pass on your good luck wishes for many occurrences but especially for someone travelling on a journey (moving abroad, for example), a relative about to go to hospital for an operation, a friend about to do their driving test or have an interview, or even as a good luck gift for a work colleague’s first day in a new position (or a child’s 1st day at school, for example): Man or woman, boy or girl – whether that person is your girlfriend or boyfriend, fiance, mother or father, brother or sister – it makes no difference, red jasper jewellery is a great good luck gift. Red Jasper was used by Native American warriors to prepare for conflict by providing energy and courage.

Red jasper bracelet

As mentioned, Red Jasper is especially suitable as a gift for those Travelling on a Journey / Trip because it is supposed to offer safety and protection to the wearer. But it is also good for an Interview, a trip to the Hospital or a 1st Day at School because these are special events that need an element of guardianship and protection that the Red Jasper gemstone is thought to offer. Help boost a friend or loved-one’s confidence with a gift of Red Jasper.


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