Gifts that work

Gifts that work for everyone: Gifts with meaning and inspirational gifts in our online shop

If you’re the kind of person that would like to show your support, appreciation, encouragement or affection for your friends or loved-ones, or pass on messages of luck, love, good fortune, health or safekeeping . . we have just the thing for you: INSPIRATIONAL GIFTS WITH MEANING and INSPIRATIONAL GIFTS THAT WORK FOR EVERYONE (in the sense that they are gifts that actually MEAN something) – gifts that perhaps really can help people feel good and help their dreams come true . .  

SEE the gifts for a particular occasion in our online SHOP – particularly gifts for inspiration and gifts to pass on your ‘good luck’ wishes.

Angel and heart
The gift of a Guardian Angel – with heart, believed by many to work to protect the owner
Indalo iron wall hanging
The Indalo of Almería, Spain – a gift that works to protect the household (according to legend)
Indalo notebook and pen
Many believe that Spain’s lucky Indalo really is a gift that works to protect
Saint Christopher necklace
Saint Christopher is the saint of all Travellers – working to protect them as they journey

We stock a lovely range of gifts that work to inspire, encourage, strengthen and motivate . . gifts that are said to bring luck, gifts that can inspire, and gifts that really do mean something special: Indeed, gifts that people have put their faith in for years.

For example, the Cruz de Santiago – the Cross of St James and the associated Vieira Concha Scallop shell symbol of the Camino de Santiago – the Way of St James, has been a symbol of belief for a thousand years. Gemstone jewellery like Azabache Jet, and other jewellery charms in our shop have a great and long genealogy. These so-called ‘ gifts that work ‘ (particularly the jewellery pieces), have centuries of history behind them, as items with real meaning, and they make gifts with real effectiveness . . the type of gifts that always work ( and jewellery that works ) to encourage your friends and loved-ones.

Indalo purse
The Indalo – working to protect your money
This Orthocera charm comes from Morocco just across the Mediterranean from Spain. Locally, it is worn as a talisman because many believe it works to reduce stress, give insight, and promote success
Concha anklet
Concha anklet or bracelet – worn along life’s greatest journey: El Camino de Santiago

NB: You can also see gifts for a particular occasion in our CENTRAL (Group) SHOP  . . . particularly gifts for inspiration and gifts to pass on your ‘good luck’ wishes.

Send someone one of our good luck ‘ gifts that work ‘ from our online gift shops – a present to inspire them, to encourage them, to pass on your wishes of luck, love, good fortune and health, to support them and appreciate them – and to show them that you care. SEE some Occasion-Related or Personalised gifts to help bring good luck in our various Group shops: NB: Some of these links take you to our Indalo Mart sister site and some to our our CENTRAL (Group) SHOP:

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