Lucky Charm Gifts for Women

Lucky charm gifts for women – especially jewellery, available in our online shop

We have a lot of lucky charm gifts for women in our online shop – in fact, most of the gifts in our shop are suitable for a woman.

SEE  GIFTS for WOMEN / Gifts for her in our online shop . . . and help to inspire your female friends / colleagues and loved-ones.

Much of our jewellery is suited to a lady / woman / girl – and all our items are intended to have some sort of significance – indeed many pieces feature a lucky charm or some other symbol (many of a religious nature).

But what exactly is a lucky charm?

A lucky charm is an item within cultures that is believed to bring good luck – and, as noted, we have a lot of these – the majority of which are suitable for women.

But symbols can be charms too – hence the use of the expression ‘ Charm Jewellery ‘

To charm is to please or delight. It is also the power to appeal. And, when something has so-called charm, it has a special, but often undefinable, quality: It is something that attracts you but you are not quite sure why.

And so it is with a lucky charm bracelet or necklace or any other piece of so-called charm jewellery. Not only does it have that special quality of intrigue but it also has something else – something indefinable – it is pleasing but alluring too – as if it has some sort of magic power. And so it is with our lucky charm gifts for women. They all have some sort of ethereal appeal – a special meaning – and sometimes even a professed magical lucky benefit 😉  Well, that is what we hope! But of course nothing in life is guaranteed! But lucky charms are intended to encourage us to feel lucky, to think lucky and so therefore, as Tennessee Williams implied, BE lucky. If nothing else, good luck charms are enchanting, captivating and bewitching . . and yes, inspirational too.

You can see examples of our lucky charm gifts for women in our online SHOP particularly women’s jewellery such as pendants, earrings, charm bracelets, necklaces, and charm rings  . . even pottery.

Anklet shell
Shell anklet
Indalo manicure set
Ladies’ manicure set – with lucky Indalo of Spain
Indalo purse
Lady’s purse (or Man’s wallet) which clips on a belt . . with lucky Indalo of Almeria
Shell earrings
Shell earrings from the Camino de Santiago

NB: You can also see these  GIFTS for WOMEN / Gifts for her in our CENTRAL (Group) STORE