Good luck gifts for wedding day guests and attendants

Gifts for wedding guests / attendants, and to wish luck to the Bride + Groom

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Do you know someone who is getting married? Do you think they would like a good luck gift for the wedding day?

Would the wedding guests and attendants appreciate some small wedding favours that are really unique – and have special significance?

We sell really unique and religious wedding gifts – and wedding presents to wish luck too!

Love and luck on Wedding Day
Wedding gifts for luck and other meaningful wedding day gifts.
Wedding love
Wedding love gifts are suitable for a wedding anniversary too.
Wedding affection
Wedding affection

Wedding favours are small gifts which the bride and groom (or their parents) give to their guests during a wedding ceremony or wedding reception in order to pass on their good luck wishes of the day and also to say Thank you. The tradition of giving wedding favours dates back many centuries and by giving these favours to their guests at the reception, the bride and groom are passing on their good luck, making perfect traditional keepsakes for all the wedding guests.

Marriages / weddings are special occasions. But they are also events full of tradition and superstition which date back thousands of years. Most of these traditions concern luck – whether for the Bride and Groom themselves . . or for the Guests. Do you want some good luck gifts for your wedding guests, or a small token gift to pass on your blessings for happiness to the Bride / Groom?

Why not express your wishes with a present or favour – either to a friend, loved-one or work colleague who is getting married, or to the wedding guests on the big day itself – with a small gift that does actually have a provenance for luck . . something that people have believed in and put their faith in for centuries? By giving lucky gifts as favours to their guests at the reception, the happy couple are able to hand out keepsakes to commemorate the special occasion – and say thanks for coming.

But, we don’t only have lucky gifts in our shop. We also have a lot of religious gifts – and gifts of a religious nature (eg Christian gifts) are often appreciated at a Wedding. More often than not, a Wedding is a Christian (or at least ‘religious’) event.

Help your friends and loved-ones have a great day and wish the bride and groom a long and happy marriage by gifting them something appropriate and with meaning from our shop – whether that be a RELIGIOUS gift or a GOOD LUCK gift for the Wedding day (see our shop below). You can also see religious and lucky Gifts for a Wedding Day in our CENTRAL (Group) STORE