WELLBEING GIFTS for luck on the road to GOOD HEALTH

Our gifts for wellbeing are primarily jewellery necklaces and bracelets to wish friends and loved-ones Good Luck on their journey to good health or recovery

See some gifts to wish good health and wellbeing in our SHOP for gifts to wish Good Health and Wellness online.

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Spiritual wellbeing gifts can be important for health

Apart from gifts to say Get Well Soon, wellbeing gifts of bracelets and necklaces are ideal to pass on your best wishes for achieving health and fitness goals: But they can also be appropriate as gifts for retirement, for someone starting something new (a new beginning or new start), or just to say “I’m thinking of you”

Health and Wellbeing symbol jewellery

We stock a collection of wellbeing jewellery gifts in our SHOP featuring some of the best symbols of good health and wellness available in the world today. Wellbeing jewellery like this makes a great gift to pass on your sentiments of friendship and caring as part of an overall good health message. Wish someone Good Luck on the journey to good health with a health and wellbeing bracelet, necklace or other item of jewellery as a gift.

Here is our selection of 10 of the best wellbeing gifts to help make someone feel better or healthier and to wish them well . . or simply to say Good Luck on the road to recovery:

The Lotus leaf is a symbol of enlightenment, self-regeneration and overcoming difficulties – especially with regards to health . . Even when the plant’s roots are in the dirtiest of waters, the Lotus still produces the most beautiful flower. Also known as the white lily in Christianity, the Lotus flower implies rebirth and is indicative of inner strength and determination to overcome any difficulties: It is a symbol of new beginnings, as well as representing wellness and long life, implying attainment of peace and happiness through good health.

Wish health and wellbeing

Someone’s journey to good health or overall wellness can be influenced by the fact that you are caring about them, and a little protection gift goes a long way to help in this respect. Take a look at the Indalo symbol of protection and wellbeing:

In the Middle East, it is more common to see the Hamsa – a palm-shaped amulet used in many societies said to offer protection against the evil eye and help strengthen the vulnerable. It represents blessings, power and strength and is therefore a popular wellness charm in many religions – including Christian (where it is called the Hand of Mary). It would make a lovely gift to wish your friends or loved-ones well:

It is hoped that, with some of these meaningful wellbeing keepsakes, the recipient of your present can be guided into good health practices and given faith that they can be protected from sickness and ill health, and have good fortune in all aspects of their life.

A gift for wellbeing doesn’t necessarily make someone more healthy per se . . it merely expresses a wish that they be so . . a reminder of good health goals and desires. As such, a wellness or wellbeing bracelet or necklace can act as a powerful reminder to stick to the principles of a healthy lifestyle.

In the Far East, a symbol most commonly encountered in relation to wellbeing is Yin-Yang which represents the concept of harmony – two aspects in a single reality. It emphasises how much someone appreciates balance in life and the friends / friendships they have, as well as their concerns for their health and wellness.

Wellbeing jewellery

As you can see, each and every one of our Wellbeing Jewellery pieces features an ancient symbol – something that possess real provenance and actually means something to millions of people around the world . . icons and symbols, talismans and charms (both religious and secular) that people have put their faith for hundreds (if not thousands) of years.

Take the simple shell shape for example – made famous by El Camino de Santiago in Spain, and often worn by pilgrims walking this famous “Way of St James”. Shells are a symbol of protection, as well as re-birth and resurrection . . the beginning of something new. In Christianity, the scallop shell is also a symbol of salvation (as witnessed by its ceremonial use in baptism) and, of course, is worn by people on the journey of El Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

The concept of symbolic talismans can be seen in a lot of protection and healing jewellery around the world. In the Christian faith for example, symbols of Saints, Angels and the Cross are relied upon for preservation from illness and poor health on a daily basis: Countless people put their trust in these symbols of faith at times of crisis to help give themselves a feeling of wellbeing:

A Guardian Angel is said to be a spirit that watches over and protects a person or place, and many people believe in the protecting power of Angels and their ability to bring good fortune to difficult or bad situations. It would make the perfect gift to pass on wishes of protection and good health.

These are gifts that are filled with spirit and soul . . gifts that really do MEAN something and can help a friend or loved-one maintain better wellbeing or wellness in their lives.

The Indalo symbol of wellness and protection

The iridescent nature of the rainbow steel in some of these bracelets and necklaces is of particular note as regards the Indalo Man symbol – otherwise known as the Indalo Rainbow Man (or Rainbow Warrior of protection) – well known as a symbol of protection, wellness and good fortune in many parts of the world and especially in Andalucía in southern Spain: Even today, in the small village pueblos that lie hidden behind the sierras that roll down to the Mediterranean sea, the Indalo is renowned for its protection and good luck beliefs:

Jewellery for wellbeing is very popular these days – especially as gifts, and presents such as these can have great symbolic meaning and help remind people to live a healthy lifestyle wherever possible. It is belief in a symbol such as this that can help people feel better about themselves and give them confidence in their own health and wellness decisions. There is no particular need for the symbol to be “religious” as such, just so long as it has provenance and that they believe in it in some way. There are indeed many secular and non-Christian symbols, when one looks around the world. Asia for example, boasts a host of such symbols – although many are based on the spiritual beliefs of the region and are indeed contingent on faith.

Gifts for stress relief and to wish wellbeing to friends and loved-ones

The leaf symbol symbolises enlightenment and well-being – especially with regard to good health. With historical roots in Asian and Buddhist beliefs, 500 years before Christianity, the leaf of the Buddhi is closely related in concept to that of the Lotus and implies attainment of peace and happiness through good health. In Christianity, this can also be seen as inner strength and the determination to overcome any difficulties after regeneration – a symbol of new beginnings after difficult times.

Wish health and good fortune with an Indalo

The stainless-steel disc on this necklace features a laser-engraved Indalo Man talisman, hanging on a stainless-steel chain. Indalo Man is recognised as a symbol of protection and good fortune in many parts of the world – particularly southern Spain:

Jewellery for good health wishes

We have added symbols such as these to our jewellery to produce a range of bracelets, necklaces and earrings for wellbeing and good health. Our so-called “Wellbeing gifts” are just that: Jewellery pieces intended to pass on wishes of good health and inspire a healthy way of life. Together, all these jewellery pieces form part of our collection of wellbeing gifts of bracelets and necklaces.

Gifts for health

You can find a range of such wellness jewellery in our SHOP that might be suitable as a gift for health protection, particularly for people with spiritual beliefs (and especially those of the Christian faith) and some others of a more secular nature featuring renowned international symbols, amulets or talismans for physical and mental health or wellbeing. These Health and Wellness products are part of our collection of jewellery gifts for health and wellbeing.

Wellness gift jewellery and range of health bands, etc, to wish good health and wellbeing, which can act as a constant reminder of good health aims, goals and wishes: Apart from the symbolic faith and protection aspect that some of this jewellery might represent to some people, it can also give a subtle prod to the subconscious on a daily basis to say “Be Healthy today!” . . making a great gift to self, or to pass on sentiments of caring and good health wishes to a friend or loved-one.

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