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Inspirational good luck gifts for party / corporate events

We are sorry but at the moment we are not offering our corporate gifts service – nor bulk party presents

It is only possible to buy goods via our online shop (i.e. items and quantities that are currently listed and in stock). That is, you can only order via our website SHOP online

Fishing business needs luck
Corporate gifts for good luck can be appreciated in all business
See the lucky Indalo
See the lucky Indalo? El Indalo de la buena suerte en Almería – tiene mucho significado en esta parte de España
Indalo for luck in business
The Indalo makes a great good luck gift for luck in business

Wholesale bulk orders:

All orders must be placed though our shop online, and so only items and quantities that are currently listed and in stock. The price you pay is as calculated and shown on the website.

However, we can of course provide a business invoice for any orders, if you ask.

Many Chinese business people keep inspirational and good luck tokens / amulets in their cash register or tape them to the front of important files they are working on. They BELIEVE in being inspired and having good luck in business. They know the importance of motivation and inspiration, and good luck charms for the success of their company.

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