Blessing gifts of faith to pass on wishes of happiness and good health

Blessing gifts of faith for a new house, new baby or marriage offering encouragement and good will   

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A blessing is generally thought of as a favour or gift given by God, or the invoking of this favour onto another person.

According to an article on Wikipedia, blessing gifts are the infusion of something with holiness, spiritual redemption, divine will, or even someone’s hope or approval.

Gods blessings
God’s blessings are all around us in the natural world
Mezquita Muslim and Christian blessing
The Mezquita Cathedral in Córdoba, Andalucía, has both Muslim and Christian parts offering God’s blessings in two religions / beliefs at once
Fountains for water blessings
Fountains and their ‘holy’ waters have long thought to have been sources of God’s blessings

In Abrahamic religion, to be blessed means to be favoured by God. Blessings therefore are directly associated with God, and are said to come from God – whatever God you believe in.

For example:

In Judaism, a blessing is more of a verbal act, being recited at a specified moment during a prayer, ceremony or other activity, especially before and after eating.

In Christianity, blessings are bestowed by bishops and priests in a liturgical context, raising their right hand and making the sign of the cross over persons or objects to be blessed. Clergy will normally receive a blessing from their ecclesiastical superiors to begin their ministry and often people like to receive blessings before embarking upon any important work or making a major decision in their life, and to receive guidance. Consequently, you see blessings for a new home (and so gifts for a house blessing), blessings for a new baby (and so blessings gifts for a baby), and wedding blessings with gifts to bless a marriage.

Islam has no blessings reserved to specific individuals. However, Muslims will frequently pronounce “peace and blessings be upon him” when mentioning the name of Muhammad. Muslims will also greet one another with a blessing every time they meet and depart.

So, give a friend or loved-one your blessings with a small gift of faith to help them achieve their goals and find happiness – for example, in a new house, after a wedding or for a new baby. Encourage them to be positive and let them know you are thinking of them in your prayers.

Gifts of faith pass on your blessing for happiness and good health and say: Follow your dreams . . never give up, and with the blessing of God you can trust in your own decisions.   

Lourdes vial dk blue
Lourdes water jewellery necklace – with the blessings of Lourdes
Santiago beads
Santiago beads for a bracelet – with the blessings of the Camino and the Field of Stars
Lourdes vial shark ag
Lourdes water vial for a necklace or bracelet of faith. Pass on your blessings for good health
St James cross letter opener
St James cross letter opener / book mark – with the blessings of Spain’s famous saint St James

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