Gifts for luck on a Special Day, Occasion or Event

Gifts for a special day, event or occasion to send love or wish good luck

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Anniversary, Graduation, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, a Party . . all are special days, occasions or events in their own way. And any special day like this, deserves a special and unique gift . . something a bit different.

Fathers Day is a particularly special day in Spain (El Día del Padre) because it coincides with (and is based on) St Joseph – the father of Jesus, and so celebrated on the 19th March every year. Fathers Day gifts in Spain however, are pretty much similar to anywhere else in the world although the meaning of Fathers Day is ever so slightly different.

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Special Days can also be memorable days out or holiday trips such as a visit to the Mesquita in Córdoba, days on El Camino such as arriving at the end point of the great Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela or at Finesterre, and mementos of the special day or occasion can have great significance.

Special Camino bracelets
Camino bracelet could make a great special gift for Father’s Day for someone who has walked the Camino

And Mothers Day too: Around the world, Mothers Day is special and Mum’s deserve a special treat. But how about something a bit different this year? A gift with real meaning – something for good luck the whole year through.

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And almost all our gifts bear a symbol of some sort that carries special significance. What better than an inspirational or good luck present to inspire your friends and loved ones and bring them good fortune on their special day and for the future?

Say Congratulations, Best Wishes or With Love on their Birthday, or at Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving , Valentines . . or for a special occasion like a Baby Shower, or Christening too.

Do you know someone who could benefit from some extra inspiration and good luck on their special day, their special occasion or their special day out?

Special St James jewelry
A really special piece of Fathers Day jewelry – St James dog tag

Send your blessings / good luck wishes to a friend, loved-one or work colleague on their Graduation, Party, Birthday, Celebration, Anniversary, etc, and inspire them to feel happier, more loved, and remembered. Help your friends and loved-ones have a great day and wish them the success they deserve.

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