Spanish pottery

Spanish pottery, ceramic tiles and other gifts from Spain – especially Almería, Andalucía and Valencia  

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* Spanish plates and talisman statuettes

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Spanish pottery for sale

We sell Spanish pottery and ceramics, including Spanish pottery plates, lovely Spanish pottery dishes, cups, mugs, ceramic tiles, wine stoppers, Spanish wall pottery, egg cups, clocks, thermometers, sundials, Spanish pottery bowls, jugs, ashtrays, and so on. We also stock Spanish pottery figurines which are something unique as a gift, particularly those featuring the lucky Indalo symbol of Almeria, Andalucia.

Spanish pottery and glassware
Spanish pottery and glassware can be found all over Spain
Painting Spanish pottery vase
Typical view of Spanish pottery vase in this painting
Wall pottery Cordoba
The Spanish love wall pottery – dried flower vases, thermometers, sundials, sconces (especially religious ones), etc

In Andalucía, from where the majority of our ceramics come, there are Spanish pottery centres in Malaga, Sevilla and Granada – as well as a few small family businesses in Almería. Further north, close to Madrid and Toledo, we have the ceramic pottery of Talavera de la Reina; and the great ceramic centre around Valencia.

NB: You can also see this Spanish pottery  in our CENTRAL (Group) SHOP including * Spanish plates and talisman statuettes * Spanish pottery tableware  and * Miscellaneous Spanish ceramics