15 GIFT IDEAS for HEALTH wellness and PROTECTION from harm

What are the best gifts to help protect us from infection, injury and illness, and to maintain our overall well-being?

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Good health charm protection jewelry

From a purely physical point of view, it is our immune system which protects us against infection, illness and poor health.

But, as many people realise, it is more complicated than that and indeed, the human body has another line of defence against all the bad things out there like bacteria, fungi and viruses: Our mind!

“Mens sana in corpore sano” is a famous Latin expression implying “a healthy mind for a healthy body” and that, in order to and keep fit and healthy – and disease-free, we need to look after more than our body: We need to look at our mind . . and our beliefs.

Anton Chekhov said: “Man is what he believes” – because beliefs are like the internal commands to the brain . . the guiding principles that provide direction and meaning to life: It has been shown that in the absence of beliefs, people can in fact, become unwell.

It is well known that the influence of the mind can be very strong. Gandhi noted that “Men often become what they believe themselves to be. So, if I believe I cannot do something, it makes me incapable of doing it” and a strong faith can help us to better cope with all that life throws at us.

Protecting your health and the health of your loved-ones . . with a gift of faith or belief

On our website you will find many tokens, talismans and symbols representing different, but nonetheless strongly-held, beliefs.

Below is a list of 15 gift ideas for health protection and wellness . . from a more emotional and spiritual perspective:

Scallop shell cufflinks with jet

Shells are generally seen as a symbol of birth, good fortune, resurrection . . and protection. So, in some societies, the shell is said to be a life protector. In addition, in Christianity, the scallop shell is also the symbol representing salvation (as witnessed by its ceremonial use in baptism) and, of course, also worn by Christians to show completion of the pilgrimage to the shrine of Saint James in Santiago, northern Spain.

Health shield talisman necklace

Another ‘protector’ symbol seen in most cultures, is the Shield, whether it is protecting against actual physical harm, or for protection against bad things in general (in a symbolic way). In the metaphorical language of the Bible, the shield is said to represent the protection of God. In Ephesians 6, Paul discusses the so-called Shield of Faith. He tells us to take up the shield of faith in order to extinguish all the flaming arrows of evil – and people are said to take up the shield of faith when they believe in God. It is said that the more we believe, the more effective our shield becomes at protecting us from misfortune.

Protection shield with cross

So, can a protection symbol like a shield, shell or cross, for example, really make a suitable gift to pass on wishes of good health and healing?

Cross with scallop shell filigree

This answer to this question is undoubtedly yes, because it revolves around the issue of faith and belief: Countless people put their trust in a symbol of faith at times of crisis and to help give themselves a feeling of well being on a daily basis.

Angel charm necklace with shell

The concept of symbols on talismans and amulets, touch on spirituality and can be seen in many icons of protection and healing – in many parts of the world and in many societies. In the Christian faith for example, the symbols of saints, angels and the cross are relied upon for salvation from illness and poor health on a daily basis.

Guardian Angel tokens

Here is more of our list of these protection talismans on items of jewellery for health in our SHOP :

Cross of St James necklace with jet

How to stay healthy?

It has been proven scientifically that having faith in a symbol, religion or superstition can have a considerable influence over someone as an individual – whether that faith relates to some of the ‘traditional’ religions or beliefs, or to some of the more spiritual beliefs . . including so-called “health protection charms” like our Health-Shield.

Caravaca crucifix necklace

On occasion, we have all “knocked on wood” or crossed our fingers to ward off misfortune: The truth is, that behind many of these actions, there is a long history of mystical belief and superstition to which many people continue to adhere: And, at some point in our lives, it is likely that we have all owned a so-called good health charm . . and a Health-Shield is just another one of these – said to offer protection from bad things and so, by default, promise well-being and . . good health.

Health shield protection talisman
Shield necklace for safekeeping

More examples of protection talismans and good health charms, jewellery, necklaces and bracelets in our shop are:

St James cross necklace for safe-keeping

When we talk about health, most people think about the physical nature such as diet, exercise and fitness, and avoiding infectious diseases, bacteria, viruses and so on. But by way of a small health-shield-type gift, we are able to help friends and loved-ones consider the spiritual aspect of good health . . one of faith and belief.

Christian cross dog tag

Self-care gifts – and other gifts to say take care

This concept does not need to be stuck inside any ‘religion’ but rather, it can relate to spirituality and inspiration.

In the Far East philosophy of Feng Shui for example, objects are thought to enhance the positive energies of a particular place. For example, shells are said to invite good vibes into your home or office; and the lucky Gecko is renowned as a Guardian figure:

Gecko figurine to wish luck

Wellbeing gifts

If you want to give someone a lasting gift for good health and wellbeing, try appealing to their emotions: Try giving them a Health Shield charm – or something that can strike a chord in their consciousness and remind them to live healthily every day.

Health-Shield protector necklace
Health band bracelet for good health

How to stay healthy

Whatever someone’s beliefs, little gifts to friends and loved ones (like gemstone jewellery for example) can actually encourage people to stay well. The power of the mind to heal the body is well-known, and what better way to express your love and concern for the wellbeing of a friend or loved-one than with a small gift for good health and wellness.

Green jade silver heart necklace

Some of the best gift ideas for health, wellness and protection from illness and infection (that can be seen in our SHOP ) are based on ancient beliefs (some religious, others not) and just about all of these so-called wellness gifts for the health enthusiast double up as lucky charms and talismans, even for people who are not very superstitious or religious.

Lucky health gifts

Lucky Indalo enamel pillbox

In conclusion, the best gift for health that you can give to a friend or loved-one who is trying to be healthier, is encouragement, and our symbolic health gifts including health-shields (whether as jewellery or accessories) are an ideal way to wish someone good health and wellness. Flowers (one of the most common gifts to wish people good health) have no physical benefits whatsoever but they do make people feel good. The same could be said of chocolates and other treats: But they are not always recommended from a pure health point of view . . and they don’t last. A health-shield charm, on the other hand, works from the psychological (and spiritual) point of view, and functions to lift the spirits and give faith . . a little something, symbolic of protection and health that can last for a lifetime.