Gifts of faith – inspirational presents for Christmas-Easter-First Communion-Christening-Confirmation-Thanksgiving

Spiritually inspirational gifts of faith and Christian jewellery

Confirmation gifts? Communion gifts? Christening gifts?

Religious gifts for Thanksgiving?

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Are you looking for a present with a bit more spiritual meaning – something for a Communion present perhaps, or a Christening gift or Confirmation present? Or . . would you like to give a friend something a bit different and with a bit more meaning for the Christian festivals of Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving?

We have many GIFTS suitable for a FIRST COMMUNION:

St James bookmark
This bookmark and letter-opener in the shape of a St James cross makes a lovely Christening gift, Confirmation present or Communion gift
Angel charms
Angel charms make a lovely gift of faith – especially for a Christian event like a Thanksgiving, or as a Communion present
Guardian angel bookmark
This Guardian Angel bookmark would make a sweet little Communion gift

¿Are looking for a small inspirational present for First Communion that has real spiritual significance? Or simply something for spiritual encouragement for the life ahead?

We have a range of gifts of faith (especially Christian jewellery from Spain) for friends and loved ones that can pass on your blessings and best wishes for many religious occasions, or for Christian events and ceremonies like First Holy Communion.

Our presents include items such as: *  Christian jewellery *  Christian Fish symbol *  La Vieira scallop shell *  Christian trefoils *  St. James Cross (Cruz de Santiago) *  St. Christopher *  Blessing rings and tokens  *  Lourdes spring water jewellery *  Caravaca Cross – the Vera Cruz or real cross *  Guardian Angels

We have gifts of faith such as Christian jewelry, bookmarks, bracelets and so on.

Virgencita cuidame
This little angel is in fact a representation of the Virgin Mary and has the words Virgencita cuidame (Virgin Mary care for me) on the back
Eres un Angel
In Spanish Eres un Angel means You are an Angel, and this Red Jasper bracelet carries a Guardian Angel too – for protection and faith
Virgencita cuidame porfis
The meaning of this inscription would make a lovely gift for Confirmation or little Communion present

See such gifts in our SHOP below. NB: You can also go to our CENTRAL (Group) STORE for  Gifts of Faith and Christian festival  presents to send love and blessings with a gift of faith like a *  Christmas present  or *  Easter present  or say congratulations and good luck for a special religious event such as a * 1st Communion, Christening or Confirmation   with one of our special and unique gifts of faith in our CENTRAL (Group) STORE

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