Gifts for Travelling that bring Good Luck and Protection

Gifts to wish good luck travelling on a journey  

SEE our online store for Gifts to Wish Good Luck for someone Travelling on a Trip . . especially our  JEWELLERY to wish LUCK and SAFETY on a TRIP . . much of which has a real significance acquired over many centuries to offer some form of protection and safekeeping  – often with a spiritual or religious element.

good luck travel gifts
We have a range of good luck travel gifts – especially jewelry

Good luck travel gifts are very popular these days with so many young people travelling all over the world. And travel protection charms make perfect presents to pass on wishes for safe travel before a friend or loved-one is going away. What gifters want more than anything is that their recipients remains safe.

good luck charms for safe travel

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There are quite a few symbols for travel protection – as well as good luck charms for safe travel. The Irish say: “May the strength of three be in your journey”, the Three being The Holy Trinity. And it is true – many people (and their friends and relatives) seek extra help of a spiritual or religious nature when they are travelling on a journey – hoping for some sort of “other-worldly” protection and safekeeping from danger and harm. Safe travel gifts such as tokens or other talismans have always been used to help boost the notion of good luck on people’s travels – wherever they are going for their trip.

Foreign adventures
When travelling on foreign adventures you can see the world but sometimes you need a little bit of good fortune too
Gift packaging Indalo charm
A lucky talisman, like this Indalo charm, along with a personal message, makes a great good luck gift for travellers
Travel to see the world
When you travel to see the world, take a lucky talisman for protection!

On the Camino de Santiago – the route the Christians took in the Middle Ages Europe, pilgrims took stone talismans (as now) for good fortune which they would deliver at the end of their journey. There, in the great Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain, they would receive a Concha Shell as recognition of their achievement. Many of a Christian faith would also carry the ‘ cross of the pilgrims ‘ – the Tau Cross (more details on our sister website).

Ajorca camino
Ajorca para el Camino de Santiago
Ladybird necklace
Ladybird necklace for luck and good fortune
Indalo leather bracelet
Indalo leather bracelet for protection . . according to ancient Spanish folklore
St Christopher necklace
St Christopher necklace – the renowned Saint of all Travellers

Our good luck gifts for Travelling all have special meaning to offer protection and good luck for a journey . . and are often given as a going away present

For example, we have a large selection of concha shell jewellery from the Camino of Santiago in Spain – the pilgrim journey that takes people across Spain to the great Cathedral in Santiago, as well as crosses of St James Way. Of course we have St Christopher jewellery too – the patron Saint who is said to offer protection to all people travelling on a journey. Other lucky talismans include Guardian Angels, Ladybirds, Tau crosses and Indalos – each one making a great good luck gift in its own special way.

Angel charm necklace with scallop
Necklace featuring a guardian Angel for protection whilst travelling
Indalo purses
Leather purses with the lucky Indalo symbol of Almería, Andalucía, Spain
Saint James shell
Cross of Saint James, featuring a concha shell of the Camino de Santiago, on a necklace for good fortune and protection along life’s journey
Butterfly heart necklace
Butterfly – the symbol of change . . for those embarking on a new journey – a change in life direction perhaps

Do you know someone who could benefit from some extra special luck on their travels – or even, for example, during a Gap Year from college: Gap Years are hugely popular as a year out of University or studies, or even from work. Some gap year travellers end up in one place volunteering their services for free in return for board and lodging, before continuing on their journey. Others spend their whole trip travelling – commonly backpacking from one place to the next, from one travel experience to the next. And it is these that worry parents the most: The thought of their loved-one in precarious or dangerous situations – possibly on their own. So a small gift before they leave as a going-away present, like a lucky Indalo for protection, for example, or possibly something a bit more religious like a Cross of St James, a Guardian Angel, or a St Christopher, can help soothe these anxieties – for the parents, if not for their children! Why not give them a good luck gift for their trip as a going away present, and make them feel more lucky, more confident, and more secure during their time away. Wishing them good luck on their Travels with a lucky token, will also make you feel more confident that they will stay safe during their journey.

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