Going away to University – wish them good luck starting Uni with a special event present

Ideas for going away gifts to wish good luck at University

Inspire your friends / loved-ones to achieve their goals – and their dreams

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Has your friend, relative or loved-one had some good luck and been accepted into the School, University or College of their choice? They deserve some congratulations!

Mediterranean soap
A small good luck gift for someone going away from home – travelling to University, College, etc.
Going away with confidence
As university students, they will be going away with the confidence of knowing that someone cares about them – you.
Deep blue sea
Going away across the deep blue sea? Give them a good luck gift for those away-from-home blues.

When it comes to going away to University or College, this is just the beginning of the process: A bit of luck and encouragement can be helpful to them all the way through their University or College days.

Why not send them one of our lucky gifts of inspiration to help them with their studies and to bring them good fortune while they are away at College? This makes the ideal present, especially if you don’t really know what to say except to wish them all the best while they are on their travels or pursuing their University or College degrees.

Send them your blessings for success, and inspire them to follow their dreams . . encourage them to believe in themselves and to get what they want.

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