Moonstone dream gemstone for Confirmation, Christening gifts and Wedding Days

Moonstone: The dream gemstone and the perfect gift for a Christian event

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Moonstone is considered by some to be a sacred and magical gemstone, with the power to bring about pleasant and beautiful dreams. With its ghostly glow, this feldspar gem is indeed magical. Moonstone jewellery is an inspirational gift for your friend or loved-one for many events: At a Wedding for example (or Engagement), for the bride or bridesmaids – or as a lucky gift for a relative or colleague who is having a Confirmation or whose son or daughter is having their First Communion. (Or even as an inspirational good luck gift at a Baby Shower to celebrate the arrival of a new baby.)

To look at Moonstone is to see a truly magical gemstone. The Europeans of the Middle Ages thought that by looking into a moonstone, one could fall into a deep sleep and see the future, and so gifts of Moonstone jewellery were thought to be ideal for people who had dreams of a better life – whether in love, in their work / job or even in business. It can be associated as a birthstone for June.

Presents made from Moonstone are ideal for special events or occasions where a calm thoughtfulness is required, like First Communion or Confirmation. It is also suitable for guests at a Wedding who might be dreaming about their own future and happiness:


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