Coral is the gift for tranquility and calm

The ancient gift of Coral – a present to calm people down

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Coral is one of the most ancient of gem materials, used since prehistoric times . . especially for presents. In ancient China, Coral was a symbol of wealth, favour and high social status. Queens wore necklaces made of Coral for important events such as Birthday celebrations and it was often gifted between royal personages. It is also believed to have protection qualities (especially for women) and so is an ideal good luck present for Mothers Day and Birthday celebrations amongst ladies, girls and women.

Gifts of Coral jewellery are ideal for lots of events like mother’s day for example, valentines day, or retirement, or going away to university . . especially for a female friend – woman / lady / girl – whether that friend, relative or loved-one is your mum or your wife, your daughter – or simply a good friend.

Coral is particularly reputed to help calm people’s lives. It is said to help restore harmony in times of emotional conflict and work against depression. It is like a wise teacher – teaching us to value life and our place in it. It shows people the importance of living, so that we can make the world a good place for all that follow. Indeed, Coral is said to protect children and is given as a lucky gift to children in many countries. It is a beautiful symbol of the importance of creatures and plants living together in harmony. Ideal lucky gift for people leading hectic lifestyles. Coral is one of the seven treasures in Buddhist scriptures; and Tibetan Lamas use Coral rosaries. To Buddhists, Coral is also a treasure that can keep us good and protect people from evil spirits.



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