Sodalite gifts to say Good Luck in Business, an Interview or a Presentation

Sodalite : The peace and negotiation gemstone

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Sodalite is characterised by its dark, intense blue colour with white and sometimes yellow streaks. Egyptian priests used sodalite to dispel fear and to promote a clear, insightful mind. So Sodalite jewellery makes a great gift with meaning for many people, whatever their profession – lecturer, engineer, judge, journalist, sportswoman, doctor, musician, vet, and so on, or simply a colleague at work like a supervisor, or a student friend. Why? Mystics say the gemstone can help change the way you feel about yourself. It is said to have subtle, soothing energies and help people see the wisdom of adopting a simpler, calmer and less hectic lifestyle: So, good for healing rifts in partnerships and relationships too, because it is said to help bring calm to arguments or disagreements  –  thus aiding mediators and peace makers. Sodalite makes the ideal gift for events, jobs and professions needing calm.

Sodalite necklace with shell

Because Sodalite offers the gift of peace it also makes Sodalite jewellery an ideal gift for occasions needing thoughtfuless and insight like an Interview, an important Meeting or Presentation – or even for Retirement or Travelling


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