Carnelian – a gift to help someone win a competition

Carnelian: The magical vitality gemstone – ideal good luck gift for those entering a competition or match

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Carnelian is a so-called power stone and makes a lovely jewellery gift for luck on certain occasions requiring extra strength and endurance. Ancient Egyptian tombs are full of Carnelian jewelry, as the Egyptians believed the gemstone had great power in the afterlife. According to these beliefs, Carnelian amulets could help ensure the soul’s passage into the next world.

The Carnelian gemstone is said to bring passion to the wearer and was believed by the Romans to shore up confidence and strength. It therefore makes a perfect gift to wish a friend or loved-one good luck in a competition, a match / game or on some special day or occasion that is going to require extra strength and fortitude. It is associated with the Zodiac sign of Virgo and August/September.

Carnelian bracelet

Carnelian makes a great gift for Competitors . . for the big Match, Game, or Competition, and also for extra vitality on that Special Day. 


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