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It is believed that Noah hung a huge Garnet to illuminate the night and help steer his Ark to safety: So, travellers started wearing Garnet to light up their journey and to get protection from accidents. Garnet has been used by many explorers and travellers as it is believed to protect the wearer when journeying far from home. In particular, they were worn by the Crusaders as an aid to safely bring them home and to protect them from harm. A Garnet gem stone is often gifted to a loved-one to pass on good luck for their journey, and to someone trying to achieve goals.

With gifts of Garnet jewellery, you can pass on your blessings for many occurrences: To someone travelling (moving abroad, for example), a relative about to enter a competition, a driving test or other exam, or even as a a good luck gift for a business friend.

Garnet is also thought of as the stone of romantic love and passion, enhancing sensuality and intimacy. Although said to be more of a feminine life force and for women’s needs, Garnet is also believed to encourage a quick return of a separated love. Garnets are often gifted to women when they fall in love, and so as Engagement presents. The myth is that the Garnet, as a symbol of truth and purity, will secure someone’s love forever.


Garnet is also thought to be extremely beneficial in the realm of business. Not only is it said to awaken creativity, positive energy, and self-confidence, but the gem stone is supposed to attract people to the wearer, which can help provide personal and business success. Items containing Garnet make an ideal good luck present for people trying to achieve goals, and for business people.

The Chinese use Garnet to cure melancholy, depression and lethargy because of its association with passion, courage and grace.

Garnet is the gemstone for the month of January and can also be associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius.


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