Black Agate – the positive gemstone gift, for luck at Interview

Black Agate: The lucky gemstone gift for life’s challenges

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This is the gemstone that everyone should have for protection. It is said to protect from stress, energy drains, and bad dreams, and attract strength – an ideal gift for someone under stress like attending an interview.

In ancient times, Agate was highly valued as a talisman or amulet. It is believed to enhance the wearer’s courage, improve perception and concentration, and stimulate analytical capabilities and precision.

Agate exists in several distinct colours and the tones vary within each particular colour making every piece of Agate jewellery unique. Black Agate owes its colour to the higher level of iron and manganese. It is believed to create balance between the physical, emotional and spiritual state of the wearer. It enhances people’s analytical ability and improves their perceptiveness. Give your friend something with Black Agate when they need luck to to make an important decision – ideal gift for someone who is a judge, a lawyer or a journalist, for example. It is believed to eliminate negativity. Agate is associated with the birthstone month of May and the zodiac sign Gemini. 


Black Agate should be included in presents or gifts for occasions or people needing perceptiveness and analytical ability such as a gift for judges, lawyers or journalists, or for a First Day (at school or University, for example), or an Interview.


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