Indian Green Moss Agate gifts to help with a Competition or a New Start in life

Indian green moss Agate: The warrior gemstone – a gift for protection and strength in new situations . . like a new job

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Agate is the gemstone that everyone should have for protection. It is said to protect from stress, energy drains, and bad dreams, and attract strength. Give a gift of Indian Agate jewellery, and you can wish a friend or loved-one good luck and protection for many occasions: Going on a journey (on holiday, or a business trip, for example), a relative about to have an exam,  or possibly as a get well gift for an ill friend (a hospital patient for example), an elderly retired relative, or a bereaved friend.

In ancient times, Agate was highly valued as a talisman or amulet. Some believed it rendered the wearer invisible 🙂 It is also believed to enhance the wearer’s courage, improve perception and concentration, stimulate analytical capabilities and precision, and to provide protection from danger. Agate is said to promote strength and healing, and ensure a healthy life. It is also thought to enhance a love of nature, as well as cleanse the soul and restore wit. Early Greeks used Agate in the form of amulets as protection from the danger of the sea. In medieval times Agate was worn to attract God’s favour, and make someone agreeable and persuasive. It was also believed to be able to bring about strength and victory.


Green Moss Agate and Indian Agate jewellery pieces are especially good as gifts for events needing strength and durability, like a Competition, a New Start in life, or Goal Achievement:


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GUARDIAN ANGEL spiritual necklace ~ Nightwatch

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. . gift a spirit to guide and protect

This Guardian Angel would make a truly special gift for any friend or loved-one - helping to boost their confidence by letting them know that you care for them and that you have sent a Guardian Angel to watch over them. The necklace has the spiritual quality of both guidance and protection.

:)- Gift-Wrapped

:)- Optional information card about guardian Angels (free)

:)- Personal message can be added

:)- Rapid shipping

Dimensions: The smooth dark-grey angel measures 35cms, including the hanging ring, and hangs on a 20" sterling-silver belcher chain.

Help your friends and loved-ones feel special, cared-for and safe by sending them this meaningful gift. Everyone needs a guardian angel to watch over them. This one comes gift-wrapped, like all our presents - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.


More information about Guardian Angels . .


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