Jade gemstone gifts for strength, longevity, energy – and love

Jade: The multiple coloured gemstone of longevity, energy . . and love: An ideal present for relationships, retirement, or a test

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Jade is said to increase body strength, energy and longevity  –  being worshiped for its life-extending powers. But Jade is said to have many other properties as well – depending on its colour. For example, green Jade signifies love and is believed to attract love. It is also said to increases trustworthiness and fidelity and to inspire love in one’s later years of life.

Jade makes a great jewellery gift. Indeed, it has been treasured in China as the royal gemstone since at least 3,000 BC. The ancient Chinese believed Jade was the essence of heaven and earth, and carved Jade into birds and beasts to use as items of worship. Jade was also a symbol of power, and only aristocrats could own items made from the gemstone. It was often placed in the tombs of important members of the Imperial family assuring immortality. Confucius concluded that Jade was associated with the five cardinal virtues: compassion, modesty, courage, justice, and wisdom. The Chinese even drank it at the time of death as a powerful embalming solution. Jade can be associated with the birthstone month of March. So: Jade makes the perfect present for that special event requiring extra strength.

Jade jewellery necklace

Green Jade is the most common colour and believed to be the most calming. It has long been used to boost energy and attract love. But it comes in many other colours, each with their own properties: Black Jade is thought to be a strong protector from negative energy. Orange and Yellow Jade are said to convey the gift of inner peace, joy and happiness, and boost the wearer’s energy. Lavender Jade is said to put people in touch with their emotions, and assist in honest communication and self control. Brown Jade is said to connect people with Mother Earth and is given as a good luck housewarwarming present, or when changing jobs, because it is thought to aid adjustment to any new environment. Blue Jade is especially to bring luck to people who feel overwhelmed or under stress in their lives. White Jade is used to help in concentration, by filtering out unwanted distractions. Red Jade is used to defuse tense situations.

So Jade is a perfect present to give for many special occasions such as Retirement, or for a stressful event like a trip to the Hospital or for an Operation because, despite helping in these stressful situations, it is supposed to increase sustenance and body strength and so help to promote longevity.

  • Jade or other jewellery gifts for strength and luck with an operation – like these gemstone necklaces to say get well soon or if going to the hospital for an operation
  • Jade or other jewelry gifts to wish good luck in Retirement  – like these gemstone jewellery necklaces to wish luck in retirement
  • Jade or other jewellery to encourage strength and fortuity in a New Start or New Year  – like these gemstone necklaces for luck in a new job
  • Jade or other jewelry for luck and to ease stress in an Exam or Driving Test  – like these gem stone necklaces for luck in exams, or general jewellery for luck in a driving test
  • Jade or other jewellery gifts to help boost energy and  luck in a Game / Match – like this inspirational jewellery for luck in a competition
  • Jade or other jewelry as a Lucky Gift for 1st Day blues – like these gemstone necklaces for luck on first day
  • Jade or other jewellery to wish Luck for an Interview  

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Health and wellbeing necklace ft Indalo

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Product Details

A special charm necklace for well-being and good fortune

This hand-crafted and totally unique sterling-silver necklace features the Indalo Man symbol, famous in southern Spain as a symbol of protection and good fortune. Even today, in the small village pueblos that lie hidden behind the giant sierras that roll down to the Mediterranean shores, the Indalo is known for its protecting qualities.

Help your friends and loved-ones to live healthy and well by sending them this unique gift. It would make an ideal present for someone who is trying to live healthier and who cares about their well-being. Ideal for a man or woman, boy or girl - whether that person is your wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, fiancé, mother or father, brother or sister.

Detail: The Indalo pendant measures 40mm in length, excluding the hanging rings, by 22mm at its widest point across. It hangs on a 20" sterling-silver belcher chain

:)- Gift-Wrapped
:)- Optional information card (free) (see photo)
:)- Personal message can be added
:)- Rapid shipping

Let this lucky silver Indalo bring wellbeing and good fortune to a friend. Comes gift-wrapped, like all our presents (with an information card about the Indalo) - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.


More information about the Indalo symbol of wellness, protection and good fortune


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