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Honesty, Purity, Wisdom and Integrity: That’s the gift of Pearls

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Pearl jewellery and pearls are said to symbolise the best within us: Honesty, Purity, Wisdom and Integrity. They remind us to walk with dignity. With a gift of pearl jewellery you can pass on your love and blessings to say Thinking of You or Best Wishes for an Anniversary, Engagement or Birthday, or as a Christening or Communion present – or even for Christmas or Easter for a parent or other female relative or friend . . a godmother, grandmother, aunt, niece – or simply a work colleague or your best friend.

The Pearl has been a popular gem since ancient times as a symbol of peace and purity  – lifting people’s spirits and making them feel calm and dignified. Pearls are said to improve self-worth and help people see themselves as they really are. A Pearl is an emblem of modesty, chastity and purity that symbolises love, success and happiness. Pearl jewellery is special and makes a lovely Engagement gift.


In China, the Pearl is considered to be a Tear From Heaven or the Tear of God. A Pearl is given to a young, unmarried Chinese girl to help her find her soul mate. It is a gift that Chinese fathers love to give to their young daughters. Pearls symbolise innocence and a pure heart, and help people to get in touch with the simple, honest things of life. It is associated with purity and the more feminine side of people. A gift with a Pearl is ideal as an Engagement present. Pearl is also the Anniversary gem for the 3rd year of marriage.

Pearl is a precious and an everlasting fashion statement . . a gift to a loved-one to bring joy to any special occasion, eliminating emotional imbalances and bringing wisdom through experience.

It is the ‘birthstone’ for June and can be associated with the zodiac sign of Cancer.

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Anchor bracelet ~ NaturalSpirit, leather + cord

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A jewellery gift for those who enjoy life

These unique NaturalSpirit leather and cord anchor bracelets are especially suitable as presents for people making changes in their life or embarking on new adventures. The anchor is a symbol of strength and stability, both in lifstyle or in faith, and a fearless enjoyment of life.

:)- Gift-Wrapped

:)- Option for free information card (see photo) about the Anchor symbol

:)- Personal message can be added

:)- Rapid shipping

Early Christians adopted the anchor as a symbol of hope because, when they were persecuted and found safety, they also found hope. The anchor is also symbolic to people who love the sea - along with all its dangers. And there is an element of intrepidness associated with sea life - and so the anchor symbolises a fearless and bold spirit, and so a cheerful enjoyment of life.

Wish your friends or family the best by sending this delightful and meaningful present. It is the ideal gift for those that embrace life or those that have a determination to survive and succeed.

Dimensions: The bracelets measure approx 20cms in length but are adjustable with a sliding knot. They feature a sterling silver Anchor charm. There are different colours available, please choose in the options box.

Gift this symbolic Anchor bracelet to inspire your friends and help them to be strong and fortunate in their life, particularly when starting something new and challenging. Comes gift-wrapped (with an information card) like all our presents - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.


More information about Anchor Jewellery - What does the Anchor symbol mean?


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