Yin Yang – a gift of Friendship

Yin Yang can be presented as a gift of friendship between special friends and lovers    

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In Nature, there are no friends – only relationships. But nature lives in harmony with itself in an ebb and flow of opposing forces that some call Yin and Yang. In this way, the natural world remains inter-connected – although separate, and inter-related, although constantly battling. This is the nature of Yin Yang – a connection or association also seen between family members, friends and lovers . . as friendships and inter-personal relationships ebb and flow over time. So gifts of Yin-Yang jewellery (for example) can be seen as a gift of friendship between friends and lovers . . because both parties want to exist together as one – despite their differences, and each believes that neither can properly live without the friendship and support of the other.

Friendship of flowers
Flowers are often gifted between friends
Yin Yang leather bracelet
Yin Yang leather bracelet – to express friendship
Living in harmony with nature
Living in harmony in nature – the Yin Yang of the natural world

In Chinese philosophy, Yin-Yang (which is sometimes called ‘Yin and Yang’) means ‘shadow and light’, and is used to describe how opposites or seemingly contrary forces are inter-connected and inter-dependent. This concept lies at the heart of many branches of classical Chinese science and philosophy, as well as being a primary guideline for traditional Chinese medicine. Many natural dualities such as dark and light, male and female, high and low, hot and cold, water and fire, earth and air – can be viewed as manifestations of Yin and Yang (respectively).  

But philosophers say that Yin and Yang are not opposing forces (dualities) per se, but complementary . . interacting to form a greater whole, as part of a dynamic system. Everything has both Yin and Yang aspects . . for light could not be understood without darkness, and shadow could not exist without light.

The Yin-Yang symbol therefore represents the concept of harmony – two aspects in a single reality . . each containing the seed of the other. This concept is frequently used to express mutual feelings between two people such as friendship or a romantic relationship. For this reason, it is often gifted between friends or lovers (or boyfriend and girlfriend) as a present which says ‘I love you’ or ‘I care’ and ”We should be together’  

Taoism promotes:

* Achieving harmony or union with nature

* The pursuit of spiritual immortality

* Being ‘virtuous’ (but not ostentatiously so)

* Self-development 

Confucianism Taoism and Buddhism s

Nowadays Tao (or Dao) is included in Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism because most Chinese people now identify with all three traditions simultaneously – as this 12th Century Song Dynasty painting portrays. The Tao is not God and is not worshipped but Taoism includes many deities that are worshipped in Taoist temples. Yin and Yang is normally symbolised by the Taijitu symbol (the universal symbol of Taoism) and we have examples of this symbol in the jewellery in our central store:. 

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Example of Yin Yang charm necklace (made of 925 sterling silver) for sale in our online shop
Yin Yang and Spain’s Indalo symbol combined into a powerful amulet charm

Nothing can exist in isolation by itself. According to this theory, wise people (Los Sabios in Spanish philosophy) will detect these forces in all things and, like the seasons, will regulate their lives accordingly. So Yin Yang symbolises harmony and balance and it is often gifted by people wishing to pass on sentiments of duality, co-existence and inter-dependance so that neither can properly exist without the other.

Similar symbols have appeared in Celtic art and Roman cultures too.

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Gifts to wish Good Health + Wellness

Wellness gift jewellery and range of health bands, etc, to wish good health and wellbeing, which can act as a constant reminder of good health aims, goals and wishes: Apart from the symbolic faith and protection aspect that some of this jewellery might represent to some people, it can also give a subtle prod to the subconscious on a daily basis to say “Be Healthy today!” . . making a great gift to self, or to pass on sentiments of caring and good health wishes to a friend or loved-one.

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