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We supply inspirational tokens of faith and good fortune, as well as blessing rings  

. .  to encourage people to be positive and inspired and to make wonderful presents to gift people as a reminder of their purpose and desires as they pass their day


Many years ago, people put their belief in things relating to Nature . .  for example: that the trees were a connection between the Earth and Heaven; or that the water coming from Mother Earth was the pure source of Life.

Get Well Soon health and wellness token
Get Well Soon health and wellness token with leather pouch
Apples symbol of health
Symbol of knowledge, health and – immortality
Token of faith of Camino
Concha scallop shell necklace – a token of faith from El Camino – the Way of St James pilgrimage in Spain

Indeed, some water wells were found to have curative properties (possibly due to minerals and other elements), which led to ‘wishing wells’ – where people could wish or pray for help, according to their beliefs (or at Lourdes, in France, for example, where a young local girl, Bernadette, believed that she saw visions of the Virgin Mary who told her that the water had special properties). Even today, people around the world have many different beliefs.

Help your friend believe in miracles with this small token gift (back and front)
Faith and good fortune: Carnelian gems for passion combined with Spain’s lucky Indalo and the universal Horseshoe

Badges of faith and inspiration are worn by many different people, for many different reasons, around the world.

Whatever these beliefs, we have small tokens and blessing rings to commemorate them. 

“Inspire your friends to achieve their dreams . . ”

Our inspirational good luck Tokens of Faith / Belief are simple tokens and blessing rings to remind someone of their purpose and wishes – to remind them of their beliefs (whatever they are) as they go about their daily business. 

Guardian Angel token – to watch over your friend and bring good fortune (back and front)
The Cross – Christian token of belief, on necklace of Moonstone gems



We supply inspirational gifts to the world! We believe in the power of positive thinking. Here are some of the tokens and blessing rings that you can find attached to a few of our products (eg: jewellery) in our online shop:  



Let us help you pass on your best wishes to your friends with these individual tokens / blessing rings for sale individually (or on a necklace) in our shop:  

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DREAMS: Good luck charmstone

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. . help someone's dreams come true

The Indalo symbol is steeped in history and is said to have magical powers to offer protection from harm, and bring good fortune and prosperity. And this lucky Dreams charmstone bears the Indalo motif hand-painted in brown, bronze and gold on the grey beach rock. Perfect to carry in a bag or pocket, or to display on a desk. Coated and sealed for durability.

Detail: Approx: 30-40mms

Give your friend or loved-one this gift to wish Good Luck for their dreams of success, happiness or goal achievement. Comes gift-wrapped, like all our presents (with an information card about the Indalo) - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.


More information about Lucky Indalos . .


Charm stones were used by Native Americans for spiritual ceremonies, healing rituals, and to secure a productive harvest. And many a famous person has possessed one (and put their faith in it). In a letter to her brother-in-law, Henry III of France, Mary Queen of Scots wrote, "I send you two stones valuable for your health which I hope will be good, with a happy and long life. I ask you to receive them as a gift from your very affectionate sister-in law in a token of my true love towards you." These days, we see US President, Barack Obama carrying good luck charms, along with many thousands of other well-known people. Napoleon carried one as did Franklin D. Roosevelt. They are also seen in many of the world's major religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and with some of the Australian Aborigines.

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