Shamballa bracelets for luck – a meaningful gift for peace and happiness

Shambala bracelets with meaning – bracelets for luck and to impart peace, calm and tranquility   

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The word Shamballa comes from ancient Buddhism. In both Tibetan and Indian Buddhism, Shambhala (also spelt Shambala or Shamballa) is a mythical kingdom hidden somewhere in Inner Asia and is supposed to symbolise purity. It is mentioned in various ancient scripts and concerns high spiritual ideals.

Camino shamballa bracelet
Shamballa bracelet for life’s journey – showing the little scallop shell of the Camino
Peace and calm
Shamballa bracelets are supposed to impart a feeling of peace and calm
Amethyst Shambala dream bracelet
Shamballa bracelet meaning follow your dreams in Amethyst – and with a little word tag

Over the centuries, Shambhala jewellery has become associated with a so-called Pure Land, a fabulous and peaceful kingdom whose reality is visionary or spiritual rather than purely physical or geographical. It was in this form that the Shambhala story reached the West, where it has influenced non-Buddhist as well as Buddhist spiritual seekers. Consequently, Shamballa jewellery is believed to impart purity, tranquility and personal happiness onto the person wearing it and for this reason they have also become know as bracelets for luck. For example, our Shamballa bracelets made of Amethyst (the so-called dream stone of the mind) have a little word charm attached saying Dream and makes an ideal gift for someone with dreams of a different life perhaps, as well as to promote calmness and intellect.

Our Shamballa camino bracelet is made of Aventurine because Aventurine is said to be a wonderful motivation and action stone, especially bringing luck to adventurers and entrepreneurs . . ideal for someone setting out on a new journey, like El Camino. The little concha shell of Spain’s Camino de Santiago attached to this bracelet, is said to be a symbol of protection.

Aventurine Shambala friends bracelet
Shambala inspired bracelet made of Aventurine – with small ‘Friends’ word charm
Shambala bracelet symbol
Shambala meaning explained on this gift information card which can be sent with all our Shamballa presents
Carnelian Shambala believe bracelet
Shambala inspired bracelet in Carnelian – with a small ‘Believe’ word charm for spiritual meaning

So, when Shamballa bracelets are coupled with a particular gemstone (that has its own individual significance), the bracelet can be a powerful piece of ‘ Jewellery with Meaning ‘ and for this reason, Shamballa bracelets make particularly meaningful bracelets. They are also bracelets for luck. For example, our shamballa bracelet ~ Calma, is made of Aventurine, believed to bring the wearer increased luck. It is made of lustrous sea green-coloured Aventurine set in macramé knotted cord and is said to permit the wearer to de-stress from life’s problems and find inner peace. Or, our specially-commissioned Shambhalla bracelet ~ Believe, is handmade of Carnelian and is a a perfect gift to encourage inner strength.

Shambala bracelet made from Indian Agate – with a small charm
Let a friend or loved-one dream of better times with this Amethyst Shamballa bracelet
Another piece of jewellery with meaning – this Tigers Eye Shamballa bracelet

Our shambala bracelet – Faith, has beads of Tiger’s Eye and is said to be an ideal gift to promote vision and clarity; Or our Indian Agate shambala bracelet is meant to promote strength and even courage 🙂 So, to lots of people, Shamballa jewellery has strong spiritual meaning, and it is thought to give people special feelings of peace, happiness and calm, coupled with the individual qualities of the particular gemstone from which it is made. Originally these meaningful bracelets were made from waxed linen string with basic beads; but nowadays, they can also feature a more exotic range of gemstones (even precious diamonds!)   

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