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Inspiring and unusual gift ideas for the home and office

Good luck Indalo on house
This house in Italy has a good luck Indalo on the wall outside
Indalo lucky gift
This bottle of gin would make a truly lucky gift for a new house warming party or office move because it features the lucky Indalo symbol
Recipe on house wall Cordoba
Recipe for salmorejo on a house wall in Córdoba, Andalucía

Not all lucky gifts are the same. But one thing is certain: Our good luck gifts are designed to be just that: Gifts to pass on good luck – items for the home or office that are genuinely believed to be lucky – possessing provenance and real, genuine character that really DOES mean something, and usually featuring symbols that people have put their faith in for years.

Indeed, all our gifts are symbolic in one way or another.

Butterfly wall
Butterfly (magnet) to wish good luck in a new start (a new house, for example)
Indalo carteras
Not exactly for the ‘house’ but these purses / carteras are suitable for a man or woman and bear the lucky Indalo symbol of Spain
Indalo concha spoon
Symbolic spoon for good fortune in your home or office

Gifts with real meaning . . that’ll be us!  

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Spanish ceramic Indalo talisman, LARGE 4

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. . a burst of colour to guard the home

This delightful hand-made Spanish Indalo wall figurine features bold colourful patterns. The Indalo figure is individually handpainted in Andalucía, southern Spain. It is made from the local clay of the area and has a lovely rustic quality. What a unique and fantastic gift to give a friend or loved-one to take pride of place on their wall or door of their house. This symbol of protection and good fortune is found all over Almería in southern Spain, and it makes an ideal gift to pass on your wishes of safekeeping and good luck.

:)- Gift-Wrapped
:)- Indalo information card (free)
:)- Personal message can be added
:)- Rapid shipping

Dimensions: The Indalo talisman measures 19.5cms (7.75") high by 16cms (6") wide. Various designs: Please choose when ordering.

Each Indalo has a hole for hanging - except the *Dancing Option . . which also is a DIFFERENT SIZE: Approx 13cms high by 16cms wide.

A unique product of Spain. Ideal housewarming gift for a new home. Comes gift-wrapped, like all our presents (with an information card about the Indalo) - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.


More information about the Lucky Indalo . .


Our vibrant ceramic Indalo talisman is the perfect way to pass on your good luck wishes for someone moving house.

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