The luck of the LadyBug LadyBird

Ladybug, Ladybird, Ladybeetle . . whatever name you know them by, why are they considered lucky and given as gifts?

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Ladybirds are truly well-known and well-loved as supposed luck-giving gifts all over the world. Gifts featuring ladybirds, like a ladybird necklace or earrings, for example, are suitable presents for any event that people feel requires an extra bit of good fortune – like an exam for example or a new job or a relocation, and Ladybird mean something to everybody: man or woman, boy or girl. And whether that person is your girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife, your daughter or son, your mother or father, or brother or sister, the gift of a symbolic ladybird is a gift with meaning.

But why? What is the meaning of ladybird symbolism and ladybird jewellery?

Nearly all cultures believe that a ladybug is lucky. Many societies also link the sight of a ladybug with future luck in love, good weather, a financial windfall, or the granting of wishes. Having a ladybug land on you is supposed to be particularly lucky in some cultures, and some people believe that when a ladybug lands on an object, that object will be replaced by a new and improved version. In other words, ladybirds or ladybugs mean good luck.

But, in some Christian societies, especially in Europe, the Ladybug is linked with the Virgin Mary, also known as Our Lady to devout Catholics, and is said to be symbolic of Her presence in nature as a sort of guardian. According to legend, the spots on the Ladybug’s back symbolise the Seven Sorrows of Mary, and Ladybugs were sent by the Virgin to protect crops. This is because it is known that Ladybugs eat harmful pests so, in the past, the appearance of Ladybugs would have been welcomed by farmers and gardeners. In agricultural societies, it would have made sense to venerate a beneficial insect – encouraging people to leave Ladybugs alone so that they could consume pests like aphids. The appearance of a Ladybug would also have been viewed as a blessing. The well-known children’s rhyme which begins “Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home, your house is on fire and your children are alone,” is said to have evolved from the practice of burning crops at the end of the season. Supposedly, farmers would sing to warn the Ladybugs to fly away, leaving harmful insect pests behind to be burned in the flames. So ladybird gifts, like pieces of jewellery in the shape of a ladybird for example, are in fact gifts with real and historic meaning.


According to folklore you should count the number of black spots on a LadyBird’s back. The number of spots will correspond to how many months will be happy ones from that day on. If a Ladybug lands on you, then you will definitely have good luck. If one lands on you when you are ill, it will take away the illness. The more spots on its back the better the luck; each spot represents a lucky month. This is the symbolism of the ladybird and why so many people wear ladybird jewellery or give ladybird gifts to the friends / loved-ones.

Ladybird habitat
Ladybirds live in many habitats – like the forest, and are considered good luck charms: Why?
Ladybugs in houses
Ladybugs even live in houses – where it is considered a sign of good luck. Why?
ladybirds in park
Ladybirds love parks – as well as forests, fields, grasslands, gardens, and houses

The Ladybug makes the perfect gift for someone starting a new venture because Ladybirds can signify a financial windfall. Also, for people falling in love, the Ladybird is said to herald future luck in love (so, for example, a Ladybird symbol would be ideal as an Engagement gift or a little something for a Wedding Day . . whether it be for guests or for participants like ushers, matron of honour, bridesmaids, bride’s family, and so on.) Ladybugs would also be appropriate as a gift to pass on wishes for good health, and so ladybird jewellery would be very suitable in this respect.

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