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Ajorca santiago
Ajorca / Anklet from Santiago de Compostela and the Field of Stars – a lovely piece of inspirational jewellery
Guardian Angel pendant – inspirational jewellery at its best
leather strips bracelet Indalo
Mens leather bracelet with the inspirational symbol of the lucky Indalo
Shell earrings
Shell earrings of the Way of St James – inspirational jewellery for women

What is Inspirational jewellery?

On the whole, it inspires the owner because it has symbolic meaning (or even an actual message written on small tags or inscribed within – although this can sometimes be a bit unrefined or simplistic).

Inspirational jewellery is symbolic – it is jewelry that actually means something specific, and it signifies something special. It is both thought provoking and sentimental: And, when inspirational jewellery is given as a gift, it passes on your own personal message in a unique and subtle way. And remember: It is not always necessary to say it with words: You can say it with flowers (for example) OR you can say it with a piece of symbolic and inspirational jewellery. 

Gifts with real meaning . . that’ll be us!

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Anchor earrings with butterfly ~ silver

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A jewellery gift for hope . . and for new adventures

These unique sterling silver anchor earrings with tiny butterflies are especially suitable as presents for people making changes in their life or embarking on new adventures. The anchor is a symbol of strength and stability, both in life or in faith, and when you add the butterfly, symbolic of new beginnings, you have the perfect gift. Early Christians adopted the anchor as a symbol of hope because, when they were persecuted and found safety, they also found hope.

:)- Gift-Wrapped

:)- Optional information card about the Anchor symbol (free)

:)- Personal message can be added

:)- Rapid shipping

The anchor is also symbolic to people who love the sea (and perhaps work on it) - along with all its dangers. And there is an element of intrepidness associated with sea life - and so the anchor symbolises a fearless and bold spirit, and a cheerful enjoyment of life. Wish your friends or family the best by sending this delightful and meaningful present. It is the ideal gift for those who embrace life, or those who have a determination to survive and suceed.

Dimensions: The earrings measure 34mm in length including the sterling silver wires.

Gift these symbolic anchor and butterfly earrings to inspire your friends and help them to be strong and fortunate in their life, particularly when starting something new and challenging. Comes gift-wrapped (with an information card) like all our presents - and we can print a personal message on your behalf


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and read more about the Butterfly symbol too


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