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Spiritual well-being can (and some people say, ought to) include a perceived relationship with some sort of spiritual power or God in order to give a complete sense of life’s purpose. But spirituality is a much broader concept than religion: It includes interactions with other people, and with nature – in addition to a relationship with a ‘higher being’ which some call God      

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Cordoba cathedral a spiritual gift
Spiritual gift on Camino trail
Camino bracelet Compostela featuring the scallop shell – a spiritual gift from the Way of St James and a piece of jewellery that will inspire friends and loved-ones.
St James gave spiritual gift Spain

Some of the benefits of good spiritual well-being or wellness include: Feeling content, maintaining balance and control, having positive relationships, finding a purpose and a meaning to life, accepting and growing from the challenges of one’s experiences, and having some sort of a connection with a power greater than oneself (or even, within oneself). In general, so-called wise people believe that spiritual wellbeing is about finding a meaning and a purpose in our lives and of understanding our place in the greater universe. 


Spiritual well-being can also help us to find overall peace, harmony and happiness. Conversely, imbalances in spiritual wellbeing can affect our sense of purpose and meaning in the world, which carries emotional, physical, social, and even financial implications. The result of good spiritual wellbeing is greater peace, freedom of expression, increased manageability of our life, and higher self-esteem. Each person’s spirituality is affected by the community of which they are a part, and the relationships in which they are involved.

Spiritual well-being is not a practice of isolation but rather one involving other people around us, as our own perspective on life is formed.

So, on a personal level, spiritual well-being or wellness is inner contentment, serenity, or ‘peace of mind’ . . . and our gifts for spiritual well-being help promote this harmony, tranquility and inner peace: Many are actually designed for this purpose – some of our spiritual gift jewellery in particular.


When someone experiences peace on a personal level, they are in a state of tranquillity and serenity, free from the effects of stress. In some cultures, inner peace is considered a state of consciousness or enlightenment that may be cultivated by various forms of training, such as prayer, meditation or yoga. This inner peace or wellness refers to being mentally and spiritually tranquil, but with enough knowledge and understanding to keep us strong in the face of discord or stress. Peace of mind is generally associated with bliss and happiness, and spiritual gifts can help in this respect. 


There is a legend that says in a land not so far away, there lives an elderly woman. Her life is simple and happy because she has a spiritual gift which allows her to know the needs of others and to heal them. Her spiritual gift is contained in a bag of brooms: Each day she carries her carefully-crafted brooms to refresh the memory and the souls of her villagers. As she gives away her presents she says: “Let the broom clean your mind and your heart, as it cleans the world around you.”
Let the gifts for spiritual well-being in our shop be a mechanism to promote and gift wholeness, inner peace and harmony to your friends and loved-ones. These gifts are suitable for someone for any occasion – like a graduation for example or a new job or a relocation, and for all your loved-ones: men or women, boys or girls – whether that person is your girlfriend or boyfriend, fiancé, mother or father, brother or sister.

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Health Band bracelet for Good Health ~ copper nuggets, Cream

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What is our Wristle Health Band bracelet?

A Health Band is a decorative bracelet which can be given as a symbol of good health wishes. This one is handmade with small nuggets of copper threaded onto a thin nylon drawstring (which makes it very tough - and adjustable).

Health bracelets such as this can have many symbolic meanings and uses but all our Health Bands ship with an inspirational information card entitled: “Be Healthy” (see photo) and so fulfil their primary task of being a Good Health bracelet . . . that is, a constant reminder of good health aims / goals and desires: It doesn’t make you more healthy per se . . it merely expresses a DESIRE to be healthy - a “representation” of good health practices and concepts and, as such, a powerful aide-mémoire to adhere to the principles of a healthy lifestyle wherever possible. It sits on the wrist - a subtle prod to the subconscious to say “Be Healthy today!” . . a great gift to pass on your good health wishes.

Our Wristle Health Bands are unisex which means they can be worn by both males or females, being popular as much amongst young teenagers as well as with the older generation: An ideal gift to tell your wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, mother, father, son, daughter, loved-one, or simply a friend or work colleague, just how much they mean to you . . in particular, with regard to their health This is a present with real meaning.

Not just a gift

These bracelets also make great aide-mémoires from a PERSONAL point of view too, so you could buy one for YOURSELF as well - to help with your OWN good health goals.

Detail: This health bracelet is made of a cream-coloured nylon cord (as used inside paracord) making it very hard-wearing. It features a row of copper nuggets and has an ADJUSTABLE tie and so is suitable for most wrist sizes.

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Help encourage the health goals of someone close to you, and show them that you really care with this meaningful little bracelet gift. Comes gift-wrapped (with an information card) like all our presents - and we can print a personal message on your behalf.



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