Christian Fish and Trefoil symbols and Christian jewellery

The Christian Fish and Trefoil symbols used as religious charms for faith and good fortune and in Christian jewellery    

Jesus chose several fishermen to be his disciples and declared He would make them “fishers of men.”

The fish symbol occurred early in Christian history and, in the second century, St. Clement of Alexandria suggested that Christians identify themselves with a seal engraved with a fish. Consequently, many people used the Fish Symbol to identify themselves to one another – particularly when they were fearful of persecution. Sometimes it featured on items of jewellery worn by these early Christians – but more often than not, it was employed as a secret symbol of recognition.

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However, from about the fourth century AD, the Cross became a more popular symbol for Christians and featured more commonly on items of Christian jewellery; the symbolism of the Fish gradually disappeared. But in recent years, some Christian groups have given their religion a fresh look by reviving the Fish as an alternative symbol and it is now well recognised and used throughout the world (especially on Christian jewelry) . . from Christian Unions, to the Churches . . and now by most Church bodies. But, as with most symbols, it is probably the thought (or association) that is important and, just as prayer has a key meaning to Christians, relying on a ‘lucky’ symbol such as the Christian Fish to bring good fortune or salvation, comes from people’s hearts and minds . . in this case, strongly backed-up by their faith.  


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Here at, we have incorporated the Fish symbol onto several products and gifts of Christian jewelry. Apart from Christian crosses (like our Crosses of St. James and Caravaca), we have also introduced another well-known Christian symbol – the Trefoil, into our designs. This symbol, which is used frequently in Church architecture, stained glass, mural decoration and Church embroidery (as well as Christian jewellry), was common during the late Middle Ages in some parts of Europe as a symbol of the most Holy Trinity, and is still meaningful today.  


Gifts and jewelry featuring a Christian Fish or Trefoil are especially suitable as presents for people with Christian beliefs at religious ceremonies such as a Christening, a Confirmation or a 1st Holy Communion. But they are also suitable for all sorts of other events or occasions where perhaps an element of faith and protection could be beneficial (for example, for someone setting out on a difficult journey, or retiring, or getting married or engaged, or for an anniversary):