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Good Luck Gift

Lucky charmstones make a special gift

Luck is believing - help friends avoid bad luck with a pebble charm stone as a gift for good luck 

Pebble charmstones make a magical gift to wish Good Luck for a special occasion or event. But what is behind charm stones meaning? What is the history of charm stones?

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Charm stones are said to have mystical or healing powers and are often gifted as lucky charms - for many special events or occasions to help avoid bad luck. Their history and uses are extensive: Indeed, the British Museum has a whole collection of good luck charms dating back centuries; President Roosevelt carried one in his jacket, as did Napoleon.

In Scotland, one charm stone (kept in the Royal Treasury) was blessed by Saint Columbia in 565 AD; Another, is preserved in the National Museum of Antiquities. Yet another, called Baul Muluy, was used many times by the MacDonald clan prior to battles in order to disperse their enemies and avoid bad luck in the battle.

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In Iceland, charm-stones feature in the 12th century Gragas law-book as well as in Icelandic folk tales such as the Laxdaela. The Ancient Greeks used them too - as magic and tribal emblems. In the 14th Century Holy Land, Sir Simon Lockhart  of Lanark found the Lee Penny charm stone and brought it back to Scotland, where it was used for many years to cure fevers. It subsequently became Sir Walter Scott's famous talisman. In Scandinavia, warriors carried amulets called 'life-stones' or 'victory-stones' to strengthen their hand in battle and avoid bad luck in campaigns.

The Native American Indians also used pebble charmstones. These  Indian charm stones had significant meaning and were use for healing rituals, and to secure a productive harvest. In California, the Miwok and Pomo Indian tribes used charmstones for spiritual ceremonies. To this day, there are still many such pebble charm stones on the bed of Lake Tolay. And in Asia, charm stones are used with the Shaligram Shilas in Hinduism, and by the Buddhists as the Cintamani Stone. The Maban Aboriginies of Australia also use them for many special ceremonies and events and they had many different meanings. But overall, they were used as a source of good luck or good fortune - the oginal lucky charm stones.




Our specially crafted good luck charm stones make the ideal gift for inspiring friends and as gifts for Special Days such as Anniversaries and Birthdays, or to pass on Good Luck Wishes to someone needing a bit of extra luck or inspiration for their special event. They are intended to help friends and loved-ones achieve their goals and avoid any bad luck or misfortune in their lives.


  • Pebble Charmstones as a present to say "Good Luck" for a Special Day     
  • Charms to pass on good luck wishes and help people Achieve Goals  

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