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Gifts to wish Good Luck and help with achievement of goals

Do you know someone who could benefit from extra some good luck wishes?

We have great gifts for wishing luck, goal setting and achievement - it's what we do



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We have a complete range of inspirational gifts to wish good luck that can be given to a friend or loved one as an extra special present. We all have goals, we all dream - and, with a bit of good luck and a lot of effort we can achieve our goals.

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Recent scientific studies in Cologne (as well as near London, in the UK) have shown that lucky charm gifts really can help people to feel luckier. How can this be? We have all touched wood to ward off misfortune . . or seen a bride throw a bouquet over her head at a wedding for good luck. Behind many of these actions, there is a long tradition of faith and belief. For example, the tradition of touching wood (or 'knocking on wood') dates back thousands of years and even these days, there are few people who will openly tempt fate. So, for example, many people avoid the number 13. Indeed this floor number is often absent from the floor of a hotel or the seat number on a plane. Day in, day out, people pass on their good luck wishes to friends and loved-ones; and lots of people feel more comfortable if they have a lucky charm with them (or perhaps a religious talisman like a cross).

So . . lots of people use a good luck charm, amulet or talisman, or put faith in an emblem, token or symbol such as the Christian cross. They genuinely believe it will help protect them, bring them good fortune and prosperity . . and help them to succeed in their goals. Scientifically, it has been shown that this goal achievement occurs because the good luck charm or gift increases a person's belief in themselves: It is now undeniable that the use of symbols, lucky talismans, and good luck charms in general, effects a lot of people. Stage actors, public speakers, and sports athletes in particular are famous for the use of lucky amulets and charms to attract good fortune and to inspire them. Many successful businessmen too are known to put faith in good luck charms for achievement. Belief in tokens of good luck, happiness, success, prosperity, love, fertility and so on, stems from folklore, myth and legend of the past, but millions of people still believe in it today: Now, with the latest studies, they have been shown to be right.

Why not pass on your own good luck wishes . . inspirational thoughts and emotions, to help the achievement motivation of a friend or colleague for their special event, goal or occasion - with one of our uniquely-designed good luck gifts / presents. Make them feel inspired and help them be more lucky, happy, more loved, more appreciated and secure . . so their dreams can come true - helping them to Achieve their Goals (such as Losing Weight, Quitting Smoking, etc), to succeed at Public Speaking or Presentations, to have success in business and with Important Meetings . . or simply to wish them the Best of Luck and to say Have a Lucky Day!  



SEE gifts for good luck and gifts to help goal achievement in our central store



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